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I have been waiting since E3 for a chance to play Crysis 2. Keeping in mind that this multi-player demo is in beta, I’m not at all disappointed. I expect there to be issues; I just hope they are fixed before the game comes out as a few of the problems I see developing into major issues otherwise.

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Hazmat132553d ago

honestly the demo was kinda bad still fun but bad from spawning to BS kills they should have released a demo for PS3 PC and 360.

tastelessgamer2553d ago

The demo was awesome. Graphics are top notch at 1080p! Very comparable to Killzone 2! I am impressed.

I noticed no spawning issues in my hours of playing.

The only issue is the matchmaking which seems to take a while.

Also, the final kill at the end of each match is a bit glitchy!

Hazmat132553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

ya my game froze a couple times i spawned right infront of a guy who killed me and bullet hits depend on how fast toy can shoot and or spray. even at 1080p it looked low rez the graphics were kinda of strange like the bushes and trees im sure they will fix it but i would say the best would be on PS3 gor consoles but for the best time i would say PC. but we will find out so i cant wait!

gamer20102553d ago

I really like it. The only problems I had were with the matchmaking which they said will be fixed and a few of the spawns. Graphically it is excellent. Definitely one of the best looking games to come out on consoles. The only thing that would be nice if they improve is some of the pop-in, other than that it is graphically solid and beautiful.

awiseman2553d ago

Id be careful comparing anything thats not a ps3 exclusive to kz, you will promptly lose your last 2 bubbles.

metalanime2553d ago

The only problem i have with the game at this point is the lag when you kill someone and the rare crappy respawn location. Otherwise i really like it. This will be replacing black ops for me.

RXL2553d ago

wish i had a puter capable of playing shiz like this =(

*settles for it on my ps3*

Shackdaddy8362553d ago

I'm glad so many people like it. I hope this series eventually defeats CoD(in sales - probably with Crysis 3 or something).

I hope if they do, they dont do a game every year though. That would be bad.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2553d ago

yea this game looks amazing at the moment they jus need 2 fix those small problems and i am pretty sure it was b a great success

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