IGN: Fight Night Champion - A Puncher's Chance

EA made a number of changes for the latest edition of Fight Night, but none has greater impact than the addition of one-punch knockouts. In Fight Night Champion, every fighter and every gamer has a puncher's chance in the ring -- even when outmatched, even when beaten down, even when they're on the verge of unanimously losing a decision. The right punch, the right angle, a bit of luck, and you can drop your opponent in an instant.

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jetlian2547d ago

yea can't wait till tuesday

eggbert2547d ago

they had this in FNR2.

killalot1002547d ago

Hell yeah and I was pissed when they took it off. I dont think its the same tho.

byeGollum2544d ago

lol Im imagine getting your bum kicked then knocking your opponent out in the last round ..