DualShock 3 PS3 Controller Hands-on

Engadget Reports:

Sony just put out the DualShock 3 SIXAXIS controllers to test on the floor here at Tokyo Game Show. We'd pretend we're all stunned to see this atrocious "last-gen" feature somehow made it into Sony's super futuristic next-gen hardware that until today has had absolutely no need to enable games with haptic feedback, but it's not like there wasn't a clear path between Sony's settlement with Immersion straight up to the controller's launch today.

No word on the "touch sense" end of business, or exactly how much heavier it is than the regular old SIXAXIS, but it's certainly got a bit more heft. IT also put out a decent amount of rumble, but the thing was pretty straight forward and convention so far as we could tell, so unfortunately there just aren't any surprises for us to report back with.

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ATLRoAcH3928d ago

I wish we could of had the Dualshock 3 in time for uncharted.Oh well spring 08 looks great Dualshock,Home,and GTA4 of course.I hope GTA4 supports Dualshock.

Rama262853928d ago

eBay is your friend! With the controller coming out in Asia well before coming out in the rest of the world, eBay is going to be flooded with the new controller! They might be a tad over-priced due to the exclusivity - but is it worth getting it early?? I'd say so! Especially with the games coming out supporting it...

nekon3928d ago

My thoughts exactly.. except without eBay. I hate importing things from eBay sellers. I say visit the big online retailers for piece of mind. I figure everyone is going to buy at least one, I know I am.

barom3928d ago

ahh dang no new rumble technology. bummer

Charlie26883928d ago

calm down my friend nothing has been confirmed yet

this are still prototype controllers as confirmed by many websites a LOT could happen till next year :)

CG3928d ago

Sony "Rumble is so last gen"!!!
Sony "We dont want to confuse the consumer with multiple squ's !!!"
Sony fanboys "we dont need/want rumble becuase sony said its last gen"

Sony and there fanboys lol what a bunch of f'cking hypocrits!!!

crck3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Need I remind you of some of the things MS has said?

Our system has a 3% failure rate.
Our system has a failure rate within the industry norm.
There is no systematic flaw in the 360.
Ya' know things break... Its how we treat you afterwards.
Hdmi is not needed.
HD discs are an unproven format.
First party games will be $49.99.

I could go on and on. Guess what? Companies lie. Get over it.

Bolts3928d ago

I actually agree with this Xbot. The rumble is pointless and unimpressive. Having my pad "rumble" doesn't add anything to the game's context. What we need is a control that doesn't use those crappy analog sticks for FPS games and some real force feedback.

This rumble DS 3 looks like a total ripoff.

Prismo_Fillusion3928d ago

Actually "rumble" is 2 gen's ago. 64 rumble pack, come on!

I think Sony should've just included this with the original controllers, and not made a big deal about it. Rumble is a bit gimmicky, but there's no reason for every control created from now on not to have it.

LeShin3928d ago

Except, that they couldn't implement them in the controllers at first as everyone knows that they were in a lawsuit with Immersion, the guys who implement the rumble tech.

Prismo_Fillusion3928d ago

Okay, I got owned.

First person ever on the website to admit to being wrong about something?

WIIIS13928d ago

Not according to Sony, that wasn't the reason why rumble was not implemented.

Figboy3927d ago

for the love of god, we *KNOW the true reason for why Sony didn't include rumble (the Immersion litigation), but do you think it would have been good business for them to bring out their dirty laundry *EVERY TIME they were asked about it?

so they came up with some c*ck and bull about rumble being a "last gen" feature, and "not needed."

which, while false in a way, sounds much better than, "oh, well, we used the technology without permission, and are now being sued for it, and until the litigation is resolved, we can no longer implement it in our Playstation 3 console. don't you just want to buy our console *NOW! aren't we adorable, with our deceptive business practices!"

companies lie all the time. they spin the truth all the time. this is not a new practice. even us individuals spin the truth whenever it suits us. it's in our nature.

the way i see it is this; they couldn't use rumble before, now they can. *BUT, they could have easily continued to *NOT use rumble, even though the suit was settled (i mean, not using rumble would have saved them money, considering that they now have to pay a licensing fee to implement it into the controller), but, listening to consumer complaints, they are implementing rumble again. for the gamers.

but don't think that that doesn't, in some way, benefit Sony. after-all, they get to sell those interested in having rumble again brand new controls, which, despite the licensing costs they have to pay to Immersion, still makes them a profit on each controller sold.

it's a triple mutually-beneficial relationship:

Sony gets money from new Dual Shock 3's
Immersion gets money from new Dual Shock 3's
and the millions of gamers out there that wanted rumble get it, via the Dual Shock 3.

i'm failing to see the downside here, but then again, i don't care about rumble (i could take it or leave it. it tends to irritate my hands when the controller rumbles too much), so the Dual Shock 3's announcement doesn't affect me either way. unless a game uses rumble in such a way that it would be *IMPOSSIBLE to have the same game without rumble (imagine Wii Sports without the Wii Remote), i just don't see it's necessity in gaming. i've been using rumble since 1996, and it *STILL hasn't done anything more than shake uncomfortably when i get hit. Silent Hill has been the only game series that i feel makes rumble vital to the gameplay (as your health depletes, your heartbeat gets faster, a tactile warning that you need to use a health potion, since there is no HUD while you're playing), but even i've gotten through Silent Hill 2 on my PS3 without rumble.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3928d ago


yes, you're the first...

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