Court grants Sony's temporary restraining order against Geohot

It looked for a moment like Geohot and fail0verflow might beat Sony's DMCA lawsuit over the PS3 jailbreak on a jurisdictional technicality, but things didn't go their way: the US District Court for the Northern District of California granted Sony's request for a temporary restraining order forbidding Mr. Hotz and his merry men from distributing or linking to the jailbreak, helping or encouraging others to jailbreak, hacking into the PS3 or PSN, or distributing any information they've found while hacking.

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JhawkFootball062882d ago

All they have to do is release information anonymously. Set up a proxy so their internet usage cant be traced.

sjaakiejj2882d ago

That's one wait to ensure jailtime. If you got a restraining order for something, just don't do it lol.

Biggest2882d ago

Didn't the guys that know everything about law on N4G say that this wouldn't happen? Good thing they aren't actually lawyers.

zag2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Even a proxy keeps a log.

Even the headers in the packets can keep a log of all the ips it hops along and overall you'll probably find the proxies packets keep the original IP in the header so the routers know where the packets are going.

to be honest it's extremely hard to hide on the net really.

Anyway, the court would always have granted it as Sony don't sue people directly for hacking and piracy for no real reason.

The real question I wonder is what will all the hack sites will do or think about it, after all the owners could be sued as well.

blumatt2882d ago

lol Back to Middle Earth to play with the Orks and Elves, Frodo!!

JD_Shadow2882d ago

This isn't the same thing. It isn't permanent. It's just saying that the things in question can't be distributed by those involved while the case is going on. This is the same as what happened in the iPhone ordeal, and we all know what eventually happened there.

HolyOrangeCows2881d ago

"Set up a proxy so their internet usage cant be traced"
"That's one wait to ensure jailtime"

I hope they do and get caught. I mean, the info is already out there. Gamers may as well see these bastards go to jail for screwing us.

UnwanteDreamz2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )


Man you keep trying to draw comparisons to the iPhone but what they did to the PS3 was not the same thing.

You will see when it all finally plays out. Their iPhone jailbreak never led to free cell service.

What they did to the PS3 will lead to piracy. That translates into lost revenue. You guys think hackers can beat anything because alot of them have. Sooner or later it will catch up with them. Laws will change and we will all lose.

Keep defending them and watch the internet become like the airport where freedom is trampled on for the sake of security.

GeoHot wont see jailtime because its a civil case but hopefully they get a huge jusdgement against him. He has been an attention whore this whole time. If he cared about homebrew only then why not quietly leak the stuff online.

He wants to be famous off of others misfortune.

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mantisimo2882d ago

Great News indeed but it is only "round 1"

theonlylolking2882d ago

We won this round but its not over yet. Get ready for the next one.

Shani2881d ago

Good for Sony.
Let's hope Hackers have to pay for what they did.
Bring more good news.

Scary692881d ago

To be honest if they want to stop piracy like they claim they want to stop it, then they need to start enforcing the law and these guys need to be punish for their actions. I say hang them, the only ones that are getting screw are the consumers who actually care about gaming not these idiots who just want fame.

xtheownerzx2882d ago

about damn time, whats next after this since its temporary?

SuperKing2882d ago

Geohot Butt spanking, Live On TV! It's pay-per-view though :(

r38252882d ago

You'll be able to download it from PSN

Passthemic2882d ago

Geohot isn't the only game in town, other will take his place.

thebudgetgamer2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

true, but it sets a good precedent.

edit: i meant to write for sony.

BrianC62342882d ago

Sony should just go after all these lame losers. Sue every last one for $10 million. If I could have my way all of them would go to jail. They should since they're stealing.

TerrorCell2882d ago

you are just pathetic. get over it. how does the ps3 being hacked affect you anyway unless you want to run jailbreak software. more power to geohot. i think sony are in for a wakeup call.

MysticStrummer2882d ago

@TerrorCell - I hope you work hard and invest money in developing something, and then I hope some jackass comes along and screws with your product. Maybe then you'll get your wake up call. Hackers are scum and so are the people who support them.

Op242881d ago

TerrorCell you have some cleanup to do in that screwed up mind of yours. I would love to see your face if you released something hoping to get money and you lose half your money to pirates and your hoping people will like your game, but it gets hacked so people stop playing

EVO-OM3GA2882d ago

So this is only temporary?

Also its abit too late as people been making there own customs, so I doubt either of them will need to do anything as they already done enough.

But its still good news for Sony

mindedone2882d ago

It's temporary because there hasn't been an official court ruling. I haven't read it, but most likely the restraining order is until they actually go to court.