5.0 Breach Review "Breach is a competent first-person shooter, but that's about it. It doesn't really bring anything to the market that hasn't already been done before and against its competition it really doesn't shine. There are a few maps to play on, and some different game types, but the progression system is rather basic and graphically it doesn't look all that great."

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Hardedge2877d ago

I think the FPS market is a bit too saturated atm..

JDouglasGU2877d ago

yeah, way too difficult for a mediocre title to compete.

mephman2877d ago

Yea, and games like this really don't help. It's just a game for the sake of making a game.

HK62877d ago

In my opinion Breach's slow and uneventful gameplay coupled with sub-par graphics just will not make it stand out in the slightest in the over-crowded market it puts itself in.

Vecta2877d ago

Eh not when compared with the current fast paced competitive FPS style. This game is more akin to Americas Army then COD or Halo. And it is enjoyable in that regard, a game made by people who create military simulators for the actual American Army. It however won't have the lasting appeal of full fledged games.

HK62877d ago

I loved America's Army yet I do no like Breach...

thedarkvault2877d ago

I tried the trial, graphics in some areas reminded me of Counter Strike... 1.6.