Preorder NGP For Just $999.99

Gamestop says "Show me the money!"


Game Informer: Yoshida did provide one further hint to go off of as we begin speculating about the price. When I brought up the initial shock at the PlayStation 3 launch price, he laughed and assured me, "It's not going to be $599."

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Sev2880d ago

Awesome! I know this isn't going to be the price, but it's sure funny to see.

And about those reports - obviously it's fake, this article isn't intended to say that's the official pricing, just point out GameStop's mistake.

doctorstrange2880d ago

That scared me for a second. I wonder how many people buy it

dbjj120882880d ago

Gamestop is rediculous. Can't wait to get that cash money.

wolfehound222880d ago

Haha, sure a few people will freak out.

stormeagle62880d ago

The dark and cynical side of me hopes that'll be the price, just to see the fallout from it.

insertcoin2880d ago

Heh, that will probably the price on eBay at launch.