Understanding The Fanboy: A Spotter’s Guide

Dealspwn analyses the history behind major factions of fanboys... and tells you how to spot them in the wild.

Dealspwn writes: "Sony Fanboys are usually found jealously guarding their exclusives like meerkats surrounding their nests. Vicious, deadly, noisy meerkats."

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Active Reload2705d ago

I don't agree with everything written in the article, but I must was great!

BattleAxe2704d ago

I must admit that I'm guilty as charged :D

the_best_player2705d ago

360 fan boys were attacking the PS3 when it first came out like crazy. "PS3 has no games", "PS3 graphics suck"

It's the other way round now
PS3 has 100% more exclusives than 360 and better graphics.

Killzone 3 next month!!!! YEAH!!!!

drewboy7042704d ago

Nice eyes skipper, do u have the same sexy glasses as the guy in the picture

the_best_player2704d ago (Edited 2704d ago )


My comment was a true FACT
If you disagree explain then or can't you? lol

plenty a tool2705d ago (Edited 2704d ago )

easy, just go into any thread on n4g!! this web-site is crawling with the most pathetic fanboys on the net.

check out "the best player" above for an example. although, that is a great picture, and yeah kz3 is going to be something special

mightyboot2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Nintendo its the blind spot.

mantisimo2704d ago

I don't know its a very quite time for xbox news at the moment.

rezzah2705d ago

Waste of time, if you understand the situation then what do you gain from it? Congrats you figured out who is a ps3 or 360 fanboy. Now what?

Tommykrem2705d ago

Tell other's who haven't. Some people would call that charity :)

FuzzyPixels2705d ago

I think you may have spectacularly missed the point.

Tommykrem2705d ago

Well, come on, you need to know who's who. It's curiosity. Part of what makes us human! I mean, what's the point with living without curiosity? (apart from having a good time, and contributing to the well-being of others and other miniscule things)

Apart from that I think this article was written to be funny, light-reading.

FuzzyPixels2704d ago

Lol. No I was talking to rezzah :D

Tommykrem2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Haha, pretty funny reading :)

Don't touch Killzone, you hear!? >:-O
We cool... We cool...

guigsy2705d ago

Don't give it anything than 9.5 or else your website gets blacklisted.

AssassinHD2705d ago

I doubt it. You don't even own a PS3. You said so yourself 12 days ago.

Xbox360PS3AndPC2705d ago

I Have Owned All Sony Consoles Except For PS3 But I Am Purchasing One In June So Think Before You Say "Oh He Hates Sony" Or "He Doesnt Own A PS3 So Hes Not A Fanboy"

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