The World Of Halo And Minecraft Collide For Some PVP Action

The level of creativity that is exhibited with Minecraft is through the roof. Time and time again, we see the crazy things people create with the game. Yet again, someone has done something to make us all “oh and ah.” While it might not be awesome to everyone, it’s something Halo fans can certainly enjoy.

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MintBerryCrunch2553d ago make it happen in LBP2

SixZeroFour2553d ago

i can already see the articles saying "halo on ps3?" from hhg lol

Ducky2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Hmm, now how hard would it be to get that ported onto a steam game?

kaveti66162553d ago

This is a great remake of the Lockout/Blackout map.

I couldn't tell what map it was at first but at 1:11 it's pretty obvious.

SixZeroFour2552d ago, i knew what map it would be right away just by the color of the map (and that halo 2 lockout is an extremely easy remake compared to the other maps) guess thats pretty telling of myself of how much of a fan i am lol

RXL2552d ago

nah..i don't play halo that much and haven't played it online in ages but knew exactly what map that

this is amazingly dope..

some people are too creative for their own good.

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