NGP will launch at a Price between $300-$350 - Analyst

According to Electronic Entertainment Design and Research's Jesse Divnich speaking with, the NGP will probably launch at a price between $300 and $350.

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StillGray2705d ago

That's most likely true. Sony's strategy has always been to sell its products at a loss while Nintendo's has been to sell it at a profit. It may well cost only slightly more than the 3DS for Sony to remain competitive.

ComboBreaker2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I agree with the analists.

deadreckoning6662705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Considering the specs, I agree that the price may be at least $300. But id be really balsy for Sony to charge the same price as a PS3.

"$300 is a perfect price considering what you're getting."

Ur missing the big picture. In 2006, $600 was a STEAL for a PS3 since Blu-ray players ALONE costed $600 at that time. Here's the thing...even if you sell something at a bargain, that doesn't mean people will be able to afford it.

Here's another example. A Ferrari that normally costs $1 million drops to $250,000. Its a 75% price drop...but does that mean that everyone will automatically be buying this car??

Blaine2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I don't know how you ever got down to 1 bubble with great analogies like that! But bubs for you.

NoobSessions2705d ago

Looks like I'll be waiting for a price drop or a SLIM version.

siyrobbo2705d ago

Remember when pacher said natal will be $50

SnakeMustDie2705d ago

The Analyst in question is not pacher.

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mushroomwig2705d ago

$300 is a perfect price considering what you're getting.

Surfaced2705d ago

Considering how their competition sells for $250, $300 would be nothing short of phenomenal. They'd be selling it at a huge loss too, like they did when PS3 launched in 2006.

NoobSessions2705d ago

Im not sure that the PSP2 would be seelling at that much an incredible loss,
Seeing as the reason the 3DS is selling for $250 is its 3DS technology and double screen, while the PSP2 is selling more for its GPU/CPU processor, and its OLED screen.

BIGTRIN2705d ago

I want one badly still! Cant wait

techrave2705d ago

I wouldn't buy it if it was anymore than $350!

mushroomwig2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

What's $350 in pounds? Anyone?

400? Never mind, I just checked and it states;

350.00 USD = 220.360 GBP

£220 really isn't a bad price.

Blaine2705d ago

400*. :P

*Not a true conversion! But when are console prices ever true conversions? Some regions always get the shaft.

Eidolon2705d ago

$350 is a good price, I'd pay up to $400 for the device with 3G.

PshycoNinja2705d ago

I would only pay for the 3G one if its 3G is like Amazons Kindle. FREE.

tetsuhana2705d ago

It wont be. Books take up a little less bandwidth than games

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