PSP2 Games Video Blowout: Lost Planet 2, Killzone , Resistance, MGS, Uncharted and Yakuza

GB: "Well it’s raining PSP2/NGP information here at GamingBolt and for now we have some game play footage from Lost Planet 2, Killzone , Resistance, MGS and Yakuza. So without any delays, check them out below! Phew!"

Note: 5 MORE videos on the site.

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MGRogue20172878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

*jizzing all over the damn place, non stop*

smoothdude2878d ago

I can't wait to see Motorstorm on this thing.

Close_Second2878d ago

What did you think of the latest trailer for Motortorm on PSN?

I like the concept but thought the graphics were really underdone. I especially hated how when you hit objects the objects just bounce or get puched by your car - they don't deform.

blitz06232878d ago

And those are just 1st party games. Wonder what 3rd party devs have in store for us

nycredude2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Really smooth and great graphics. Can't wait for this. Hope it is $250 to $299.

WTF did you see when he moved and flipped the screen?

Parapraxis2878d ago

Yeah... I said "wait a second" and skipped back on the vid.. pretty damn impressive and such a natural idea.

blumatt2878d ago

Yeah it's like an augmented reality camera view. Very impressive!

Will-UK2878d ago

The PSP 2 looking like a must buy all those features packed into one unit

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CaptainPunch2878d ago

Damn those games look amazing. The graphics on this thing is impressive.

Shubhankar2878d ago

DAMN! Those really ARE PS3 level graphics!

offdawall2878d ago

bye bye 3ds and ipad ... im getting this baby

Close_Second2878d ago

Yeah, cause the IPad was really competing in the handheld gaming space.

mushroomwig2878d ago

From 1:10 onwards, imagine you're playing a horror game where you're in a dark place and literally moving the PSP around you in order to see.

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The story is too old to be commented.