Official L.A. Noire Box Art Unveiled reports: "On a recent update to the official L.A. Noire website, Rockstar has finally published the official box art for L.A. Noire! HD versions will be released as soon as we get them from Rockstar!"


Rockstar Games confirms that this is JUST the preorder box art.

"That is not the final box art, however that is the preorder box that you will see appearing on shelves in game stores soon "

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CaptainPunch2699d ago

Looks great, although I expected to see something more gritty.

IllusionRSN2699d ago

Agreed, but it was very close to the box art that we posted yesterday. http://www.rockstarnetwork....

teedogg802699d ago (Edited 2699d ago )

Now that's some nice looking cover art there. Has a release date been set yet?

Edit: I see it's supposed to come out in May. Same month as my birthday, nice.

teedogg802699d ago

Very, very nice. Gonna pre-order when I get paid.