Latest Japanese Software Sales, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core at Number One

Crisis Core makes its debut at number one this week but Pokemon is no slouch, both versions combined outsell Final Fantasy by quite a large margin.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3594d ago

Bring it out in EU I bought PSP just for Crisis Core!

radical_pi3594d ago

get monster hunter freedom 2 to hold you over. its stellar

CRIMS0N_W0LF3594d ago

I got Valkryie Profile and I love it. Remake of an old PSX Game that I loved! Memories!

cooke153594d ago

Halo 3 scored higher than Crisis Core in famitsu :o not that means anything haha

XxZxX3594d ago

it means HALO 3 gonna jump start Japan XBOX 360 market?

Iceman100x3593d ago

Lol why is this headline news? this is always the thing in japan next week it will be nothing more than a memory after it's killed off the list nintendo again.