Latest Japanese Software Sales, Final Fantasy: Crisis Core at Number One

Crisis Core makes its debut at number one this week but Pokemon is no slouch, both versions combined outsell Final Fantasy by quite a large margin.

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CRIMS0N_W0LF3809d ago

Bring it out in EU I bought PSP just for Crisis Core!

radical_pi3809d ago

get monster hunter freedom 2 to hold you over. its stellar

CRIMS0N_W0LF3809d ago

I got Valkryie Profile and I love it. Remake of an old PSX Game that I loved! Memories!

cooke153809d ago

Halo 3 scored higher than Crisis Core in famitsu :o not that means anything haha

XxZxX3809d ago

it means HALO 3 gonna jump start Japan XBOX 360 market?

[email protected]3809d ago

Great now... where is my US version of Core Crisis.

Iceman100x3808d ago

Lol why is this headline news? this is always the thing in japan next week it will be nothing more than a memory after it's killed off the list nintendo again.