NGP: Nintendo Got Pwned

After Sony’s reveal of the NGP (Next Generation Portable) or PSP2 yesterday. People were amazed by how much power Sony put into this little device. Compared to the PSP2, the 3DS looks like a kids toy.

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XANDEO2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Only a matter of time before an article with todays favourite phrase came along.

specialguest2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Comment 3.2.1 - See here:

Then again, it was an obvious one.

Highlife2705d ago

Next there will be and article called "EPIC FAIL"

Prcko2705d ago

totaly pwned,this new psp thing is a total monster!!!

Spitfire_Riggz2705d ago

Im saying this to sony right now. AFFORDABLE. That is the reason why you lost half your base to microsoft. I bought a 360 because I didnt have that much money to lay down on a ps3, as much as I wanted it. I had to get it 3 years later. Same with the NGP. I want it bad but if its not affordable... how do I tell this to sony? We need to put it into there noggins that 500 dollars isnt an affordable handheld.

Spitfire_Riggz2705d ago

Have a job. Im just stating facts here. If they dont want another ps3 launch they need to take this advice. Im serious how do I tell them

AEtherbane2705d ago

one has glasses free 3d though..... >_>

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

3D is good if it is used with good graphics not so good with Gamecube graphics. 3D is the next step for HD not SD.

Raf1k12705d ago

I'm glad they didn't add glasses free 3D to the PSP2 since that would increase the price by another £100 or so which would be far too much.


But all the Features from NGP > 3D.

Army_of_Darkness2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Also has a time restriction on how long u can play it though... Just think about it... If they recommend us to not watch our computer monitors for no more than 1-2 hrs. per session... How much play time do u think ur gonna get on the 3ds?!?!

AEtherbane2705d ago

It recommends time restriction, theres no built in kill switch....
Now im feeling i really should have added my "/s" to my previous post... >_> Silly people, im not a 3D junkie!

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PlayerX2705d ago

Lol what a joke. 3DS will be the better handheld no doubt.

ChickeyCantor2705d ago

A bit ironic isn't it since the article title says the opposite. And you seem to agree with it =/...

darkdoom30002705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

It's too early to say, with the PS.suite PSP can have access to lots of andriod apps, which is all the rage these days.
Plus touchscreen means DS like games.

They have all their bases covered.
-Android Games ($1)
-PSN quality ($10)
-Psudo Casual(DS like) ($20-30)
-PSP quality ($30-40)
-almost PS3 quality ($40-50)

pain777pas2705d ago

Player X may be according to sales charts. But that is not why the Dreamcast is revered. NGP is for ME that is for sure. 3D would have been nice. But this is what I want out of a handheld. PSN migration, BC to PSP PSN titles which is hundreds playable out the gate. The feature set is too much to list. Look this is not trying to convince anyone but understand the excitement when you have a portable 360 or PS3 in your pocket. Go read what Carmack said about the device let alone that shooters can be replicated on this device. This may get the most play out of any console yet. Washroom breaks never smelled so good.

saulx62705d ago

how so? by just having 3d? GTFO

STRYKIE2705d ago

NGP: Nintendorks Getting Paranoid

moparful992705d ago

Joke? Someone is on damage control.. I would feel threatened too.. The psp was a darn good handheld in it's own rights but you add a 5" OLED screen, multi-touch, track pad, android based operating functions, playlive, powerful new processor, trophies, and the playstation library of quality developers is a combination that nintendo is going to have a hard time dealing with..

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ChickeyCantor2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

"the 3DS looks like a kids toy"

Same was said about the NDS, and it had a far superior Game Library compared to the PSP.

People like that guy, and the ones agreeing with his nonsense, are like the cancer of the industry.
STFU and enjoy gaming! this isn't about your pathetic manhood.

KillingAllFanboys2705d ago

You Mean the years Sony didnt even care about PSP or make quality games like DS. I think you do XD

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