Sony NGP Vs Nintendo’s 3DS

With the huge announcement overnight, people are deftly excited of Sony’s evolution of the PSP. The Next Gen Portable, or more likely the PSP2, offers everything the original handheld possessed but seemingly improves on it. It sure looks like this is going to be a killer device, but does it have enough steam to take on Nintendo’s reigning champ and its successor to the DS?

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MicrocutsX22698d ago

Analysts are already wary about the NGP, but I really hope it turns out to take down the Nintendo handheld. They've held it for generations. =/

liquidxtension2698d ago

Ngp has a lot of good first party and third party support from the get go. Don't cound it out yet.

zootang2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

FPS on the go could be the big game changer.

Call of duty or any decent FPS on the go will win the battle for Sony, offices and playgrounds would be gripped.

Fifa in the Europe could also win the battle for Sony

Anarki2698d ago

The 2 thumb sticks is where it's at i'm afraid. I hated my PSP because of the crappy D pad and the lack of a 2nd thumb stick. This will be epic for me.

jony_dols2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

If Sony could get some celebrity who is a core gamer,
and get them to appear in some of their ads. It would be the perfect way to sell NGP units.

Sony have the better console, all they need to do is market it properly.

I'm sure if they could get someone like Seth Rogen playing COD online on a movie set in middle of the Mojave desert against Kevin Butler in his office in Sony HQ, and have them trash talking against each other would be hilarious,

or maybe David Beckham playing FIFA in the back of his Bentley on the way to a match,
It would help flog it to the gullible masses who buy stuff because of celebrity endorsements.

SuperStrokey11232698d ago

I hope it doesnt take it down, i hope it drives further competition and makes games and systems cheaper for all gamers.

-Superman-2698d ago

- 2 Thumbsticks
- Excellent hardware
- HD screen
- Online capabilities. (better than shityy online on ds)
- Big Screen

- 3D without glasses

Now i have 1 question. Is 3D worth all this? no big screen, bad grahpic...?

crazyclown2698d ago

u mean bad 3d without glasses right?

meetajhu2698d ago


BrunoM2698d ago

the way i see it is they go by history and they think psp ds nintendo won ... not look at ps3 wii see things do change (not putting the wii and the ps3 at the same level tho )

Well as for me is a day one buy and even if some of us dont like it FPS do sell like hot cakes and COD is number one at being a hot cake so dual analog plus COD is going to sell ...

if the games keep coming hardcore games (for players like me)
plus casual downloaded game (for casual and small time gamers) these is a win ...

not to say the 3ds wont sell it will nintendo is nintendo on on the go gaming .. but i see sony doing great these gen on PSP2 i mean NGP lol....

as for me i will get it on the day it comes out cant wait for E3 so i get to see tons of games il be getting plus the date..

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golsilva2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

it comes down to 2 things. the price and advertising. if the price is a $300 for the wifi only model, then sony definitely has mass market appeal in terms of pricing, because they can justify paying $50 more than the 3ds by saying how many features more you get with the psp2.

for advertisement, want to know why apple is so successful with their products. whether you like them or not,they know how to advertise their products the right way. sony needs to market this device in the right by targeting the right demographic, and keeping the ads simple and to the point. to have a successful launch, they would ideally advertise call of duty psp2 game heavily in the us along with uncharted and mh3 in japan (though i dont know if thats a possible launch title)

saint_john_paul_ii2698d ago

well advertising is going to be there. Sony is obviously going to have a huge marketing campaign for this, so what it comes down to is GAMES and PRICE.

If they bring in a hefty amount of games that take advantage of the portable, built from the ground up for it, and a price tag that is around $250-$300, then this thing will sell like hotcakes.

jaidek2698d ago

Man, going to go broke this year. I will have to get both, the 3DS for the screen and NGP for on-the-go Uncharted and Killzone!

NBT912698d ago

I agree, the 3DS is coming out in like a month and is (probably) going to cost less, at least by the time this comes out it will if not. That gives people plenty of time to buy a 3DS and save for NGP if they want both.

Bay2698d ago

Why not get both? Best of both worlds, eh.

Although personally, I think I'd be getting the NGP first. Nintendo might release a "lite" version of the 3DS, who knows.

junk3d2698d ago

Yeah I carry about 1 grand in my pocket everyday!/s

Bay2698d ago

Get one now, get another later. You don't have to get both at the same time.....unless you do carry 1 grand in your pocket everyday.

TheBand1t2698d ago

Because shit is expensive, yo

Shackdaddy8362698d ago

I wish I can get both but unfortunately I'm just a college kid with no job.

Ive got savings and maybe a low paying job during the summer but other than that I am broke. I can only pay for one handheld (which unfortunately may come down to which one I can afford) and a couple of games.

mabreu2698d ago

Nintendo and Sony.....

Denethor_II2698d ago

"Why not get both? Best of both worlds, eh. "

The dedicated amongst most certainly will, but we are the minority.

NBT912698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

If you ask me the fact that PS3 launched at almost £500 makes pretty much any price tag seem low. I will be getting both, it is only money after all so if you have it then be a capitalist and buy both, if not then get a different less expensive hobby.

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Kiroe2698d ago

Something that worries me on the NGP is the cost of 3G, I really hope that they do an affordable annual subscription. Something like $50 a year would be perfect.

joeorc2698d ago (Edited 2698d ago )

there is some devices where 3G connection is free an included in the price.


Free 3G Wireless – No monthly payments, no annual contracts


it's $139.00 to $189.00 with free 3G connectivity


Arksine2698d ago

Those devices dont use much bandwidth. Don't count on that happening with the NGP. Between online gaming, PSN downloads, and updates this device will incur a monthly cost on par with smartphones, minus the voice. Probably around $40 a month with a 5GB cap.

I can see Sony going with a carrier that offers prepaid 3G considering the per GB instead of per month. That might be more cost effective. People would just make sure that PSN downloads and updates are done over WiFi and save the data for gaming and social tasks when away from home.

joeorc2698d ago

yea i know what your saying, since EVERY NGP would already have Wifi a 3G connected NGP would be able to game over Wifi anyway. what Sony could offer is a small fee per month to game over the 3G connection other wise you could still use it for non gaming application's. so the 3G could be free but just for non gaming use, if you want to game over the 3G connection you would have to pay a fee.

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