MAG by the Numbers

Official MAG Blog: It’s MAG’s birthday this week, and to help celebrate the game’s one-year anniversary we thought we’d share some of the more interesting numbers that you, the fans, have accumulated over the past 12 months.

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Neo Nugget2880d ago

MAG's actually not bad.

Then again, I only paid $10 for it :P

Hellsvacancy2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Snap, i paid £8 for it, bought White Knight Chronicles aswel for £7, used a Game card i had with £5 credit on it, so i got two average games for £10, i hav no complaints

MAG has taken afew weeks to get into, now ive levelled up quite abit its really fun to play, theres just too many nerds playin it, i dont buy games to hav sum mofo tell me how to play, im a team player but i aint havin sum fool tell me "dont be a medic, i need you as an assault" KISS MY ARSE BUDDY! it still doesnt beat Bad Comapany 2 though on the addictive level

EVO-OM3GA2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Only thing I have found is that there isnt enough players with Mics and if your not in a clan your often stuck with a bunch of randoms.

Impressive Stats, well deserved.

younglj012880d ago

Hells if some1 tells u not to b a medic then he is not a nerd he is just a dumbass.Tha more medics on tha battle field tha better.

Beefstew4u2880d ago

Every single player on mag should have the medic gun. No matter what.

cobpswii36002880d ago


I payed 60$ for it. Money well spent. I'm still addicted to it.

killcycle2880d ago


It's f***ing great

Tony-Red-Grave2880d ago

for $10 you're getting 200+ hrs of gameplay XD you can just imagine the stats this game has

HK62880d ago

Outstanding game. It deserves every last one of those hours spent on it.

Kazu0 Hirai2880d ago

Here's a number they neglected to mention: 76 metacritic score. A very average game.

cochise3132880d ago

Stop trolling, I bet you've never played this game a day in your life. This isn't COD where you can just run and gun your way to victory. This game got a 76 score because this is a game that gets better with time.

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