Saving Content - Mafia II Review

Review for Mafia II for PC. Also includes PS3 and Xbox 360 review, although not specifically.

"Let me preface this review by saying that I never played the 2002 original, Mafia. Having completed Mafia II, I do not feel that the prior game and this game have a storyline connection that would hamper your enjoyment.

The game puts you straight into the action as Vito Scaletta alongside his best friend Joe Barbaro. You two get into some hairy stuff, which forces you into the Army and are in Sicily fighting the Nazi’s. You come home and your best friend Joe and his “connections” get you discharged from the Army. From there, you begin working for Derrick and taking jobs for assassinations, stealing stamps, and selling cigarettes."

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Jacobite2704d ago

I loved this game on the PC playing 33hrs+ on Steam ,roll on Mafia 3.