Catherine japanese Demo gameplay PS3

Finally we get our hands on the sexual nightmare puzzle game Catherine to see what the fuzz is all about

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kx112880d ago

the main character looks like a homeless guy

LoaMcLoa2880d ago

A homeless guy who gets alot of chicks S: O

kx112880d ago

yeah chicks with poor judgment of character :P

Redempteur2880d ago

who cares if they have poor judgement in character ?
they're hot .. and they seems quite angry when something bad happens

Fresh_N_New2880d ago

What the hell do you call this?

Fresh_N_New2880d ago

lol mr funny guy huh?

game just seems so weird.

Fatal Blow2880d ago

This is some freaky shit lol

jonboi242880d ago

now if the persona 5 can get this creepy and sexy.

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The story is too old to be commented.