The 10 Game Characters YOU Want To Be

NowGamer: According to the internets (“internets” being the eminent oracle of absolute fact that is, there is about a one in six chance that you want to be Ezio. Well, duh: who wouldn’t want to be the spunky free-running protagonist of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, the people’s hero of Rome who turns trained soldiers into kebabs with his sword and swooning Latin ladies into… erm, kebabs with his sword. Ahem...

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TimmyShire2457d ago

I want to be Link.

Because I like green tights.

jeeves862456d ago


Link never gets laid.

ChickeyCantor2456d ago

Well you never see those walking on the street having sex right? Doesn't mean they dont have sex.

fastrez2457d ago

That guy looks like a raging nonce

Pozzle2456d ago

I don't want to be any of them, tbh. :/

j-blaze2456d ago

Dante, Noctis or Travis Touchdown !