Sony's NGP May Not Have Enough Mass Market Appeal, say Analysts

Following the unveiling of the new NGP from Sony, we're starting to gather more and more analyst reaction, and it's worth noting that although many are thoroughly impressed with the unit, from a business perspective NGP might not have enough mass market appeal to effectively take on Nintendo's 3DS and the surging iPhone/smartphone sector

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donniebaseball2880d ago

I think it'll do better than PSP did, but how much better I'm not sure. It's true that PSP for its time looked great and look how it ended up.

Dragun6192880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Mass Market appeal? Sony just needs to put the price tag between $200 to $350. Then Market Call of Duty on the go for America and Monster Hunter Portable 3 NGP version for Japan.

zootang2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

PSP sold 60m right? 62m to be precise. No wonder why Sony wanted to make another.


Deathmatches up and down playgrounds and offices across the world! No one will get any work done.

nycredude2880d ago

Just announced yesterday and already the haters are starting. If you still don't think there is a bias thing against Sony you are dense.

jonboi242880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

If Call of Duty is a launch title and they market the fact that with 3g you can play online on th go then it will sell like hotcakes. Call of Duty could be the killer app that will sell the 3g to consumers.

ComboBreaker2880d ago

is a pretty great mass market appeal.

Active Reload2880d ago

I don't know nycredude. They even criticized Nintendo about the price point of the 3DS, saying it was to low. I'm sure they'll nitpick anyone...

Yomiro2880d ago

Forget about Call of Duty....Bad Company 2 on the go

vegnadragon2880d ago

COD for the psp2? They first need to make it for the 360 then port it to the PSP2, it might take a while.

jonboi242880d ago

mgs4, yakuza 4, and lost planet 2 have all proved that porting from ps3 to ngp is quite simple and fast. i heard they had about a week to port those tech demos. so i can see activision porting the ps3 verion to npg or creating a stand alone version. seriously though if i want a COD game or as Yomiro asked for a Bad Company game i want to take advantage of the hardwares features like the GPS, 3g, Near app and LiveArea.

nycredude2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

@active reload

They said the price point for 3ds was too LOW? WTF!

On a different note. I have been researching 3d hdtvs alot lately before I finally settled on the SOny xbr52hx909 (got it dirt cheap. I've read so many reviews of so many tvs from all companies on so many sites. Say what anyone will but CNet and alot of others sites definitely has a bias against Sony.

It's obvious in the reviews. Sony does not get any passes like Samsung, Panasonic and even LG now. It's a joke. Luckily I am smart enough to go to Sonystyle and bestbuy and pc richard to do a comparison.

Sony tvs may be a bit more money but they kill the competition in quality.

ABizzel12880d ago

They don't get it because they're not hardcore gamers. For us this is exactly what we wanted. Price is the only thing that would hold us back. Expect it to sell at least 60 million units.

Now on to the iphone. There are a few casual games that do well, but even more of them tank. With minis, PS1, PSP, and potentially PSN games and the inclusion of NGP games, Sony won't have library issues. Again only pricing will be a concern. Minis can't be $5 they need to be $1 or free. PSN games are finally priced right and generally cost $5-$20.

darthv722880d ago

that doesnt mean it wont sell to those of us that want one.

I could care less if it sells to the world so long as I am able to get one on launch day.

hoops2880d ago

If Sony puts the price of this competitive with the 3DS they have a HUGE chance on upsetting Nintendo. They will get mass appeal.
If Sony does what they did with the PSP and PSPgo then they have no chance at all in over taking Nintendo in the hand held scene.

gamingdroid2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

"They don't get it because they're not hardcore gamers. For us this is exactly what we wanted. Price is the only thing that would hold us back. Expect it to sell at least 60 million units."

That's the thing, as much as I hate it myself, the market is going casual and wider appeal. If you make it to narrow your user base will shrink. As it is, other devices already sort of fill the on-the-go gaming needs. Your phone has already become the converging device that marries your portable gaming device, media player, internet access and computer albeit limited, but enough for 80-90% of your daily need.

I'm hesitant to say the Nintendo 3DS will do well as well for the same aforementioned reasons, but Nintendo has a large younger user base that don't have access to the high-end phones like Android, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone.

That might just change in 1-2 years though... and Nintendo will also be screwed and their only hope is to ensure a big enough user base for the 3DS prior to that happening. By the next handheld generation, I suspect there won't be a market left.

Either way, the dual analog sticks are finally coming and it is awesome! The specs looks fantastic, for at least 1-2 years forward. The first party games also seem to have a strong line-up.

BattleAxe2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

If they integrate the NGP with the PSN and people on your friends list can see whether you are playing on your PS3 or your NGP kind of like how you can see who subscribes to Playstation Plus, then I think it will catch on very quickly.

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hay2880d ago

If what Kojima-sama said is true, and like Kalowest below said, the price will be right, it'll have enough mass market appeal to sell like the new sh!t.

Thatguy-3102880d ago

it might not have that "mass market"appeal but i tell you this NGP is the portable system that every gamer has dreamed of !!!! And thats what sony is aiming for NGP is aim towards the hardcore gamers which are usually found on the ps3/xbox360.... All i know is that im for sure getting one no matter the price !! I mean the specs are just sick !!Plus they have an uncharted game :) anything uncharted related is a buy for me

-Alpha2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

My problem with this though is that if I want the hardcore games, I'll play my PS3. And I have a PS3 so I don't see the appeal of buying what are essentially PS3 games on a portable device.

The gyroscopes/motion and touch screen make the PSP capable of more uniquely handheld titles. However, personally, it's not for me as I enjoy the charm of the Nintendo games, especially the JRPGs

And the DS is just as "hardcore" as the PSP.

Hardcore isn't defined by how strong your console is, as some seem to think with the NGP.

Thatguy-3102880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I get what your trying to say but wouldn't you like playing them on the go ? I mean by the looks of it most gamers do... hardware, games define hardcore IMO how is the DS hardcore ? its a casual handheld thats home to family and friendly games just like the wii...

Denethor_II2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Oh Alpha, must you nit-pick at everything.
The DS isn't as hardcore as the PSP. Look at the Zelda games for example. They were dumbed down with the intention to be playable by mums and little girls. Look at dragon Quest! The whole marketing for the 3DS scheme will revolve around being targeted at the same demographic as the Wii.

I'll defiantly pick up a 3DS, but as usual Sony, with all the bells and whistles, blow the competition out of the water with its double barrelled shit machine gun, aka NGP(PSP2).

Close_Second2880d ago

My prediction is that the PSP2 won't become as popular as the PSP until it gets a smaller form factor. Its simply not as portable as even the PSP-1000 which people complained was too big.

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kewlkat0072880d ago

The PSP itself was a monster in the hardware specs compared to little ol what is different this time around?

I think the touchscreen will broaden the scope of their market, besides that all the quad-ore this and that at the end of the day, Nintendo will tell you it has not mattered.

Add a stylus and compete with Nintendo(sorta like Wii/Move all the sudden) while providing great graphics and , I think it has a chance to do better or be on par.

Nintendo caters to all most everyone with it's devices while the PSP seem to cater to the hardcore Playstation fanbase.

Firebird3602880d ago

Dual analog sticks, not nubs. This will allow proper FPS with controls that we are all used to. That alone will sell millions. Not to mention how amazing Sonys oled screens are and how efficient, that with resolution of 960x544 is going to be very impressive. I want it day one, and I just recently bought a psp 3000

specialguest2880d ago

You recently bought a PSP 3000? Wow, bad timing.

Masterchef20072880d ago

Yeah it will definately do better. And theres plenty of reasons why

1. Inclusion of dual analog sticks (something which many ppl demaned
2. Flash Based media (barely any load times)
3. Incredibly easy to use interface
4. 3G (though i am not sure what you can do with it but internet browsing anywhere is guranteed)
5. Incredible OLED screen
6. Console quality games
7. Playstation Suit (can download PS1, PSP, PS2 games for a very cheap price)

Thats about all i can think of. If they price it similarly to the 3DS the device will do a lot better than the PSP. Although because of the sheep the 3DS will remain king in terms of sales. However we can expect to see some incredible games on the NGP.

pain777pas2880d ago

Lets be real here. PSP launched the same year the 360 launched and sold more units. We consider the 360 a success so we should consider the PSP original a success. I have to admit though this hardware is right down my alley. They delivered everything I want out of a portable gaming system minus the audio and video out. I have nothing but great things to say about this system out the gate. The UI looks like PSN will take a step forward in everysingle way. All other hardware that follow will benefit from this gaming systems 3g implementation. I really want to know how that is going to work though.

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Kalowest2880d ago

With the right price, it was sell like a cheap prostitute, and thats very fast.

saint_john_paul_ii2880d ago

iphone has no buttons. why bring that up? its not a dedicated gaming handheld, the NGP is. its real competition is the 3DS. if they can price it competitively against the 3DS, it has a chance.

Firebird3602880d ago

I agree I have iPhone 4 and gaming on it is a joke, you gotta have physical buttons. Unless all u wanna play is angry birds. iPhone and psp are two totally diff things, I would never consider iPhone a gaming device, it's an amazing phone that also happens to play games, psp2 is a games machine and it's going to be amazing!

Masterchef20072880d ago

The Iphone can produce some very nice looking games. But using just the touch screen to interact with the game is horrible. The 3DS and NGP own the Iphone when it comes to games

despair2880d ago

Its all about support, with 2 analog sticks, more connectivity and the added motion and touch screen options it will open up the system for more games. If the flow of titles are constant and high quality then it will do well. The psp lost steam in recent years when it comes to amazing titles, they are still there, like Ghost of Sparta and MGS peace walker but they are few and far between. If Sony want the NGP wants to do well then they need many quality titles released frequently.

donniebaseball2880d ago

True. One of the main reasons PSP started to dwindle was the games just weren't there.

pain777pas2880d ago

Too true. I hope FF tactics will make its return on this system. The system is open to shooters of all types. RTS should be able to be done aswell. The touch elements are too intriguing though. Little deviants seem meh but is actually really neat. The Hot shots demo showed that gyro will help that game. Sports games should be really good on the system aswell if someone takes a risk. I can see a Nintendogs type game making a push. They have to really look for the killer app for the casuals though. Brain training, scrabble, word searches and the like are now all possible with great clarity. The touch elements for pool and poker are cool. The touch elements may hurt Nintendo to be honest. The graphics and precise control from somethings may sway some gamers. Seing hotshots menus used showed me that the 3DS has competition people.

zodiac9092880d ago

All of a sudden analyst knows everything....