Murdoch, Iger hail Sony's Blu-ray

The high-def battle heated up again when Fox's Rupert Murdoch and Disney's Robert Iger gave surprisingly strong endorsements to Sony's Blu-ray format before a crowd of Wall Streeters. News Corp. chief Murdoch leveled the charge that Paramount/DreamWorks Animation received a payout to make the switch to Toshiba's HD DVD format.

Murdoch, speaking at the Goldman Sachs confab in Gotham, became the first top exec to publicly make the accusation that HD DVD backer Toshiba had essentially bought Paramount's support.

"Paramount switched out the other day. God knows why," Murdoch said.

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ktchong3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )


Rupert Murdoch. LoL.

ktchong3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Two Paramount movies I can think of right the top of my head:

Beowulf - Digitized Actors - Trailer:

Iron Man - Trailer:

Fan Tastic3864d ago

why would he want hd dvd lite?

Rims3864d ago

Rupert Myrdoch the most powerful man of the media supports Blu-ray!

What chance does HD-DVD have?

mighty_douche3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

a hugh amount of influence in the world of media and his support could mean good things for blu-ray.

also doesnt he own SKY TV, which has already signed a deal with sony for the playTV and psp? coincidence?

edit @ The Round Peg, lol sounds like my kinda guy, joke...

but anyone who can manage to get George Bush Jr into power can easily do away with HD DVD, bet he can turn water into wine to!

ktchong3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Rupert Murdoch is also much hated in the US... he's the person responsible for helping George Bush Jr. got elected as the US president in the first place.

You want to find an archetype of a ruthless, unethical business kingpin who's actually behind the Iraq War, hardcore conservatism, bi-partisan hatred and rising Christian fundamentalism in the US... then look no further. Murdoch is one of the sources.

Bolts3864d ago (Edited 3864d ago )

Murdoch being responsible for Bush's election? LMAO! Must be nice to live in that fantasy world of yours where a god like Murdoch pull the strings of American politics. If you're to "blame" anyone for the Bush presidency, blame the Democrats. They're easily the most imcompetent polical party in the history of the free world.

Its not like winning the previous election was hard. Hell they're once again handed the perfect polical storm of war and bad economy yet they still can't get it done. While they can get a million hippies to get high and march in an antiwar rally, they can't even get keep same group of hippies interested enough to show up at the polls.

mirroredderorrim3862d ago

This supports the idea that Toshiba is trying to buy Warner Bros. Exclusivity as well.

Rooftrellen3862d ago

Both sides are trying to buy Warner, make no mistake about that. As Warner goes, if they go anytime soon, so goes the format war. They just have too many big movies, and both sides want those movies in their corner.

Bluray needs WB so they can overcome price with content, and HD DVD needs them so they can have more content than bluray. I picture WB, right now, as a snake running from hole to hole looking for the biggest rat to eat.

"HD DVD is paying me $225 million"
"Ok, we'll pay $250 million"
"Bluray is paying me $250 million"
"Fine, we'll go $300 million"

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