The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Autistic Boy Actually Did Cheat!

Microsoft has announced via twitter that the autistic boy actually did cheat, and that the parents have been sent detailed evidence. It seems the mother owes Microsoft an apology...

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Warprincess1162554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Oh so he did cheat. I can't believe i actually felt sorry for him. Probably his mother put him up too it for attention. She a disgrace to all mothers in the world.

iceman29292554d ago

I thought the exact same thing :S

ComboBreaker2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Just because he's autistic and can press the button 10X faster than you doesn't mean he cheated.

Microsoft is just being as*holes.

And no, I did not bother to even read the article at all, just to annoy you commentors.

MidnytRain2553d ago

As much as I disapprove of this boys cheating, I wouldn't say she's a bad mother. You say his mother PROBABLY put him up to it, then you say she's a disgrace. You're accusing her off of speculation.

ThatsGaming2553d ago

Letting kid play M-rated game and then taking to the media to publicly try and humiliate Microsoft?

Sorry, doesn't sound like the most intelligent and mature approach a mom could take... What a role model she is...

GodsHand2553d ago

@ ThatsGaming

If my kid got banned for cheating, and I called MICROSOFT for answers, and did not get anything back. I too would get the media on my side. That's not to say she did not ask the right questions, or maybe she had a ill-mannerd temper.

ex. I had a $70 charge on my electric bill, I called the power company to get a reason for it, and all they did was say you have to pay, because we did replace the lock on your meter box. After going back and forth on the matter, I final said enough, and threatened the company with formal letter going out to my loacl Untilities commission, and the BBB. After that they call, and give me a credit, and an apology. So, if a company is less willing to help you out on the matter, then fight back with what ever means you can.

gcolley2553d ago

i don't really see how the mother has done anything any other mother would do. i screwed up as a kid all the time and lied my way out of it only for the truth to come out and make my parents look silly for defending me.

now having said that i'm not sure if it is a good idea to let an autistic kid kill people in games as he may lose touch with what is right and wrong. then again i am not an authority on autism

antz11042553d ago

Agreed, how would anyone know if the boy was autistic unless the mother brought it up? What an a$$hole.

gamingdroid2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )


So the autistic kid DID cheat!

What a shocker and maybe we should have the news report mom with autistic kid cheated in game and tried to blame it on the company! I would like to see the mom on the news again...

As I said before, MS made damn 100% sure they can tell if you cheated or not before they label you as such. They don't want to alienate their customers, and money speaks the loudest. When in doubt, follow the money trail.

Yes, this applies to all companies including Nintendo and Sony.

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mushroomwig2553d ago

First the PSP2 and now this, today has been a fun day.

MGRogue20172553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

I told you so.

Now, Remove all those damn disagrees from my comment:

I was right. :P Microsoft don't make mistakes when it comes to banning or suspending accounts.

Also, In this day & age.. no 12 year old boy is innocent.. especially the ones that play CoD: Black Ops all day, every day & search for the latest glitches & hacks. They are all pervs as well, secretly watching p0rn when mommy & daddy goes to bed.

Motorola2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

"Also, In this day & age.. no 12 year old boy is innocent.. especially the ones that play CoD: Black Ops all day, every day & search for the latest glitches & hacks. They are all pervs as well, secretly watching p0rn when mommy & daddy goes to bed"
You have some serious problems my friend....thats all I have to say. So because kids cheat at video games...make ALL 12 year old boys guilty in some sort? Ok....

InTheLab2553d ago

She let her 11 years old son play M-rated games....figured something was up..

Marv2553d ago

What is so bad letting a kid play a M rated game. I always let my nephew play COD, Dead Space 2 and God of War.

InTheLab2553d ago

You let your nephew play? You'll figure it out when you have children...

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The story is too old to be commented.
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