Gamespot Next Generation Portable: Shuhei Yoshida Interview

"We talk to Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment America's senior vice president, product development, about the Next Generation Portable at the handheld's unveiling in Japan."

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lil Titan2851d ago

This handheld brings graphics that look as good as the scared what the PS4 will bring

Eidolon2851d ago

Great interview, answered a few questions of mine.

Large games will be sold at retailers in a flash-based media or Game Card. These games will also have downloadable version.
Small Games are download-only.

Downloadable content and Save Content will be able to be saved to the Game Card.

The NGP has 2 slots, one for the Game Card, and one for a flash-based media developed for the NGP, you will be able to store pictures, videos, etc.

The NGP will have PSN tied to the PS3, your PS3 PSN id can be used for the NGP.