What NGP means to current PSP owners

[email protected] Writes: "I know what you’re thinking…. What is the NGP and why should I shell out money for it? Well there is going to be a lot of talk and confusion about this product for the months to come before GDC and E3. Let’s take a look and tackle this tangled mess of online stories to understand what NGP means for me and for you."

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rezzah2705d ago

Doesnt matter, Im keeping my PSP for games like FF Type-0 and any other game which comes out (if any). Ill just buy a NGP and own both.

mightyboot2705d ago

FF Type-0 and Parasite Eve 3 must have a NGP version.

ComboBreaker2705d ago

NGP can play digital version of PSP games.

rezzah2705d ago

Even so that would probably mean you will need to repruchase the game you own on UMD in order to play it on the NGP. However we dont have the details but this could be a possibility.

Another reason to hold on to your PSP.

BattleAxe2705d ago

My PSP 2000 gets used mostly for music, and rarely for games as I'm not in a position where it makes sense for me to play games on the fly. But with NGP I figure that I would actually look forward to playing games at home as the experience looks every bit as good as the PS3.

BrunoM2705d ago

some titles some times hit me .. does it not mean the mae it ment when the ps3 came out for the ps3 ?

plus if u do buy the games from the ps store as they have said it the psp2 (ngp) does emulate the system ..

so a win win get to play them now on my psp and play them later ...

well as for me i just cant wait for e3 so those tons and tons of videos wit psp2(ngp) videos news storm in lol day one for me

pain777pas2705d ago

I have bought PSP titles on the store and the NGP is BC so this is a perfect upgrade for me. I have to admit that if this had AV out this would be my gaming device of choice. However, I have to admit that this is a for sure day one purchase if there ever was one for ME. I really like everything from the PS Suite, Live area, Trophies... Gamespot interview with the Pres. informed us that our PSN Ids are transferable. This is too much Win for a PSP and PS3 owner.

helrazor3432705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I agree, most of my Psp games are from PSN as well, and 3 of the four left that I have on UMD are available on PSN, so I'm definitely trading in my current Psp for this. That looks to be an effin' unbelievable handheld (hell, games system period). Hey, if I have to, I'll get rid of my XB360, too (hopefully it won't have to come to that).

Please note, I'm not knocking the 360 here, I'm just saying what I personally am willing to sacrifice to get that damn thing.

BigBoss072705d ago

I think it will be fine even if you have to repurchase you PSP games off the network. I mean your only going to buy the games that you play constantly on the PSP. MGS Peace Walker and Dissidia come to mind.

Plus, by the time this hardware drops, the price of PSP games drop. Dissidia is only $20 now. In the end, if you want to play your old PSP games on the PSP2, it won't be as cost effective as everyone presume. at least to me, it won't.

pain777pas2705d ago

No need to buy back. This is the convergence. If the NGP could play PS1 titles you could play them on every device. It will work how PS1 titles work in that you can have them on the PSP and PS3 if you chose though the PSP is the best way to experience them if they have not aged well in the graphics department.

mightyboot2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Means that i want it so bad that ill sell my current PSP if i have to.

AliTheBrit4202705d ago

NGP is a pretty terrible name.. just sayin

Also, how do you go about putting games on the NGP? PC > Mem drive > NGP ? or PS3 > mem drive > NGP

or will games come on there own mem drives?..

syanara2705d ago

with wi-fi on NGP you should be able to download games directly or buy them on the flash memory game media.

Adva2705d ago

ngp= code name. Will change later on.
NGP games= flash card+PSN

AliTheBrit4202705d ago

So how does one go about getting games for their device if they have no PS3?

sickbird2705d ago

same way you get them for PSP now, retailer or Playstation store. You don't need a ps3.

ShAkKa2705d ago

NGP=Next Generation Portable

like Adva said,it's just a code name.

Stealth20k2705d ago

The psp is far from dead with all the square enix support, valkyria 3, freedom 3, legend of heroes VI trilogy (and vii), patapon 3, ect ect ect

pain777pas2705d ago

Square Enix will be moving those titles to the NGP like Monster Hunter 3 portable if they were wise. The camera controled by the analog stick is going to ship the device in Japan when it launches.

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