TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid 4 Demo To Drop on PSN

onAXIS "If your'e jealous the attendees of Tokyo Game Show that got to have a chance to go hands-on with Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, then worry no more. 1UP has learned Kojima Productions has every intention of releasing the Tokyo Game Show demo (or a close approximate) onto the PlayStation Network, we just don't know when yet."


IGN contacted Ryan Payton at Kojima Productions, who was handling the MGS4 demo behind closed doors at the Tokyo Game Show, about the possibility of the demo being released. While he said the team would be interested in considering the release of a Metal Gear Solid Demo, there are no plans to release the TGS demo over the PSN at this time, or potentially ever. It appears that this was all a case of wishful thinking on someone's part.

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Irving3900d ago

Wha..wha..wha...*faints* !!

daomay3900d ago

he has been playing WH 3 days straight

DrPirate3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

If it's soon, this makes up for the Home and Rumble delay.

Wow, Metal Gear redeeming that poor excuse of a conference.

Edit to the one's below: You are quite correct in pointing out my poor use of syntax. I did mean the delay that exists between Japan getting DS3 and NA/EU getting DS3.

Bigmac5733900d ago

How could they have "Delayed" Rumble? They just announced it tonight.

tehcellownu3900d ago

All is forgiven when the demo comes to psn..i like what they doin with the psp and bringing rumble back but i was lookin forward to some new game beinin didnt do any good either..they did worst

sajj3163900d ago

It would make up for the Home delay. I also agree with Bigmac. Its not technically a Rumble delay. NA and the EU have to wait their turn to get rumble controls.

I would love a MSG4 demo on Sept. 27th. Heck, I'd lock for it to be released on Sept. 25th.

sajj3163900d ago

I don't know ... let me pick, Halo 3 or MGS4 .... hmmm that's a tough one.

s8anicslayer3900d ago

this should be on psn network tomarrow,son's trying to throw some jab's at halo 3 and what better way then to stir up some mgs4 hype and a demo non the less!

Omegasyde3900d ago

No offense...

But year right.A Demo that soon? We didn't even get demo's for E3!!!

P.S. Sony's fight against halo 3 is Warhawk. In which they did a horrible way of hyping the game VS. The halo 3 monster.

Then again there will always be killzone 2 which comes out sometime in 2010. ;)

Huddymonster3900d ago

It will be out in Feb 2008 but nice try =)

EZCheez3900d ago

His words are gold.

And KZ2 is set for February. And that is when you will all come to know of the greatness that is a5.

BulletToothtony3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

i understand that since MS threw 10 mil to put halo everywhere it would seem that halo it's right next to curly fries, but warhawk it's simply the best multiplayer i've ever experienced.. yes including halo

not being a fanboy or anything, for me it's just a fact, i understand that the "monster" halo it's everywhere even on your soda can, and it will sell like soda, at least for a while, but that doesn't make warhawk a bad game, or that it coudn't beat halo3, you enjoy halo and i'll keep enjoying warhawk,

Omegasyde3900d ago

hmm funny I am casted at a 360 fanboy because of my neutral comment?

P.S. I have both Systems and I have been playing Warhawk constantly. I also didn't pre-order Halo 3.

@Halo 3 Monster: Yes, its a sad day when Wal-mart Creates a Ad for Radios mentioning a Halo 3 midnight launch. I am just saying Sony needs to advertise it's games more.

*Killzone 2 will be delayed*,
...being they have about 4 months until Febuary and they have shown nothing outside of 1 level! Wait there is suppose to be Multi-player too and the levels take 2 gigs each? Granted, its the same tech demo but why isn't there atleast new screenshots?

Hmmm, I personally hope I am wrong, but think and reflect on the details. Agree or Disagree, I put it on the table. I can't wait either, since GTA4 + KZ2(?) + MGS4 in Spring 08?

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sonarus3900d ago

whoa. mgs demo wud be pretty huge.

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