Uncharted on PSP2 looks amazing... but will we really be controlling it like that?

Uncharted on PSP2 looks sensational. In fact, it looks so good, you'd only need to have a TV Out option and 720p support and you may as well throw away your PS3, or at least consign it to 'Blu-Ray Player only' status. But Sony was using it to demonstrate almost every new feature of the device, from the rear touch pad to Sixaxis-style vine swinging (shudder). Are we really going to be playing the game with these gimmicks instead of traditional control?

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MGRogue20172850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

HOLY F**KING SHI!!!!!!!!!!.... :O This is too much man.. That's enough, please... omg, wtf...

I gotta' wait like 9-10 months for the damn thing.. torture. :(

I mean, Check this out:

So sexy & sleek.. man

nycredude2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I am running out of OMGs and WTFs! LOL This thing is a beast. I just hope it's between $259 to $299.

Edit: Brewski I can't wait to check this out. I woul buy this at $250 to $300, maybe even $350 but that is max!

Brewski0072850d ago

God dammit, im only in from work and the internets been exploding with nerdgasm's all day !!! :( I missed it all!!!!
This looks EPICC!!!!!!

mrv3212850d ago

$350 would be the max, but if it had all the social features+3G could you go without your cell? I mean think about it, this is basically a cell with the antenna, which for most people is ok. No one really rings, why text when you can email.

$300 would be perfect, it's basically a tablet, 5 inch screen with the resolution=great for browsing, apps, games.

Brewski0072850d ago

I agree nycredude, I just couldn't afford to pay anymore for it. Not when times are tough these days, i hope they take that into account. Im sure if its affordable by the majority of people then this is going to be a huge success.

Scary692850d ago

I think they really need to think about pricing. Ps3 is at $299 if they want this to sell I think it should be priced between $199 and $250. My other concern is how much will the games be priced?

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OllieBoy2850d ago

They should just call this the Sony Beast.

DaThreats2850d ago

Touch controls arent a gimmick
Those ways are more immersive anyway

AutoCad2850d ago

ya thats what i was wondering..
All that motion stuff makes the game look extremely slow.

XtremeHDGamer2850d ago

OMG PS3 had a baby!!!!!!!! :o

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