TGS: No "surprise" PlayStation 3 price cut, states Hirai

As has been widely anticipated, Sony has failed to confirm a PlayStation 3 price cut for 2007 during its Tokyo Game Show keynote speech this morning, with worldwide boss Kaz Hirai saying only that such a move is a "possibility" for the future.

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Twilightx73927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Likewise. Looks like I'll have to keep sharing this one. -_-

Omegasyde3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

Why Announce it now if they plan to release this console in Holiday Season? Let along the TGS is more geared for the Nations in the EAST.

Everybody wouldn't buy the ones on the shelves now and instead wait.
Therefor, hurting Current Sales of the PS3! Where the F___ if the sense in that?

It's business, and when the time comes they will announce it. I still expect, November 2007, and via "TV Commercials" telling us, not a Convention or some jackarse analyst. They get paid 100k a year just to make up stupid crud to pitch at magazines and get paid for their "time".

EDIT: Anyone think if they actually cut the standard of the videogames from $59.99 to $49.99 "suggested MSRP"? I think that would of been a "smoother" move.

HarryEtTubMan3927d ago

By the beginning of next year we should have one though :)

aiphanes3927d ago

Its going to happen...there is no way a $599 PS3 will be on the shelf come November 1....They are just gonna spring it on us.

WIIIS13927d ago

Um, Sony's not denying it, what about you?

Guitarded3927d ago

Please, read again, the article.

EZCheez3927d ago

That sucks.

Shot in the foot if you ask me.

PimpHandHappy3927d ago

I bet they want to pump the spidey card b4 they bring out a smaller PS3. Try and sell some of the 80GB

Doesnt feel like a company all that worried.

But then again what do i know!


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The story is too old to be commented.