TheGameHeadz: PSP 2 (NGP) - Hands-ON A Portable PS3

The NGP AKA - PSP2 is blazing a trail on the internet right now, and rightly so. The first true sequel to the very advanced PSP, picks up many of the pieces Sony left behind with the original PSP. First off the console is unbelievable and many of the games shown display graphics that are on par and In some ways better than their PS3 counterparts;

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Dramscus2702d ago

Well I'm sold. May damn well be standing in line day one.

mantisimo2702d ago

Do you know I've read a lot of stuff about the NGP today and it's only just starting to sink in just how fantastic this will be.

ComboBreaker2702d ago

"...what that means is if a gamer purchases the collector’s edition of Dead Space 2 it includes a copy for the NGP..."

"One of the impressive features on the PSP2 is its touch pad..."

"..The touch screen catapults Sony’s tech beyond the likes of Apple & Nintendo..."

"...the sheer processing power is way beyond anything we’ve seen on a device this size..."

"..The possibilities are potentially limitless with this device..."

BobbyMcCOOL2702d ago

it's truly amazing more powerful than many pc's- WOW! still in awe.....

protekjv2702d ago

waiting for the price, and the chance to pre-order.

vgcgames2702d ago

this thing is well beyond anything i imagined, Sony just might win the portable market with this one. I'm Sold.

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