Sony PSP2 VS PlayStation Phone, Specification Breakdown

Sony finally unveiled its highly anticipated follow-up to the PSP at the 2011 PlayStation Meeting in Japan today. Kazuo Hirai, President and Group CEO, SCEI, introduced the PSP2 to the world as the NGP (Next Generation Portable), while we know nothing about pricing, we do know that it’s slated for release this holiday season. The PlayStation Phone was absent at the event and we have a suspicion that Mobile World Congress is where it will make its official debut. While we anxiously wait for the PS Phone to make its glorious debut, lets compare the two devices for comparison's sake.

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deadreckoning6662705d ago

Why is a phone being compared to a full-fledged gaming device?

Passthemic2705d ago

Why not, their not so different. One has a cellular chip and the other don't.

Stealth20k2705d ago

the psphone cant even shine the shoes of the psp2.

But I dont think it will be 600 bucks

probably more like

300 without 3g
350 with

Kalowest2705d ago

WTF $600, i can buy a PS3slim and a 360S for that much hahaha. I hope its no more then $300

SuperStrokey11232705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )


A disagree? FFS people read this. This is as official as you can get.

zootang2705d ago

If it is game for the iphone it should be game for a phone.

Eidolon2705d ago

I think Android is Xperia Play's bottleneck.

etowntwo2705d ago

WOW $599?!!?

its the PS3 all over again.

too bad .. i was looking to get this day one. guess i'll be getting the 3DS and in a couple years when the price drops and their are more games for the PSP2, then i'll probably get it.

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

Yeah and if you bought a PS3 at launch you would have seen your investment flourish.


It's more fun to watch something grow than to just to see the end product. Then again each to their own.

catguykyou2705d ago

Or you could of waited to buy the PS3 when it went down to 300$ like I did and still have just as good of an experience since there wasn't much reason to have one before then.

etowntwo2705d ago


are you kidding me?? Lmao

catguy makes a lot more sense.
I'll be soon the same if it's $599

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

How long are you gonna have to wait to be able to play it? That is why it would be worth it to me. For me to grow with the system, as new games come out I get to experience the new game feeling with new players as opposed to no one playing the games you are playing down the line.

Sony already confirmed it will be alot less than $599 anyway!

SuperStrokey11232705d ago

Except that SONY said it WONT be 599, they totally brushed that off right away. The author is a moron that cant check facts.

Eidolon2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

They haven't cited their sources, the CEO even chuckled and assured a curious interviewer that the PSP2 will not launch at $599.
Do you really think SCE is that stupid? Especially if they cut the PS3 price by that time, it will be a nail in the coffin. Think of how many customers would rather buy 2-3 PS3 than 1 PSP2.

specialguest2705d ago

Probably won't be $599, because that's just bad business. I'm willing to pay $599 for a PS4, since I paid that price for the PS3. For a handheld? No way! My limit is $400.

GodofSackboy2705d ago

Sonys president just laughed at a guy asking if was going to be $599...maybe like $300 max

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MGRogue20172705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

The ARM Cortex A9 processor in the PSP2 can run at a maximum rate of 2GHz.. so it's already way more powerful than the PSPhone.

I ain't saying that it runs at that speed all the time, It might obviously be under-clocked like what Sony did with the PlayStation Portable to save battery life..

I hope it isn't under-clocked.. otherwise we'll have to wait for a future firmware or.. custom firmware to unlock the true power of the system.

Spinal2705d ago

Very stupid comparison. The ps phone is competing with other phones such as iphone an wp7. The psp2 is competing with the 3DS. Is it that hard to compute?

silvacrest2705d ago

the haters just want the xperia play to fail no matter what

when doing a comparison you compare a like for like device


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