Kotaku: Yes, I've Played With Sony's New Gaming Portable, The NGP


Today in Tokyo, Sony unveiled it's newest PlayStation Portable, codenamed Next Generation Portable, or NGP. And I've played with it.

During Sony's event, the NGP's beautiful OLED screen was stunning. It looks even more stunning up close. The touch elements on the front screen were more than serviceable, offering a new experience for PlayStation Portable gamers.

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DA_SHREDDER2699d ago

"Throughout my hands-on, two Sony staffers stood by with white gloves, ready to wipe down any fingerprints."

I want their job. Ill even wipe Kaz's butt.

itchy182699d ago

LMAO that's disturbing

I_find_it_funny2699d ago

"The NGP, for as large as it seems, left me pleasantly surprised. It's light, and it is beautiful."

lil Titan2699d ago

These articles are nice and all but where are all the "Sony new handheld will FAIL" articles? guess they saw the NGP and said "SAY WHHAAAAT?!?!

wingman32x2699d ago

Those will come when they reveal the console level pricing for it.

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