TGS 2007: Metal Gear Solid Online Video

Metal Gear Solid Online video from TGS

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nasim3712d ago

we dont want these games/trailers in 2007

UT3,UNCHARTED,HS,LAIR,WOWHAWK ,RATCHET,HAZE,UT3 ,RESISTANCE and MOTORSTORM are just enough to keep us pumped for 2007

on the other hand BOTS would be playing cartoon halo3 and would still be satisfied

TruthBTold3712d ago

Now all we need is a surprise announcement from Hideo saying that MGS4 will be released for Christmas, then I can wet my pants a little more

HeartlesskizZ3712d ago

Wow that thing at the last seconds was great but how can it be use? would you land and die? or what? omg im so going to get this game ASAP.

I hope it get midnight release.

THC CELL3712d ago

if this game comes for x mas

halo 3 will lose its x mas bonus

Duke Nukem3712d ago

MGS will put to shame lots of games no doubt about it.

Lord Anubis3712d ago

LOL at the ending, the music and the whole ending was hilarious.

The game looks to be amazing but that is always expected from Kojima Productions.

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The story is too old to be commented.