Serve and Volley: Top Spin 4 Hands-On Impressions

Gabriel Zamora writes, "What was immediately noticeable to players about the last Top Spin title, Top Spin 3, was its steep learning curve. From the controls to the game modes, Top Spin 3 was very much geared towards serious tennis fans. While the gameplay was richer than the more casual-friendly Virtual Tennis games, it also alienated players new to the series. Top Spin 4 attempts to refine the player controls, while still offering gameplay elements that make mastering the system worthwhile for fans of the series. In aiming to make a more player-friendly game, 2K Czech has found a good middle ground between complexity and over-simplification. Top Spin 4 still strives to be the most technical tennis game around. And while the game offers many of the rich mechanics from Top Spin 3, it offers simplified controls and help options for newcomers to the franchise."

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