Nihilistic Software to develop Resistance PSP2 title, Sony Bend making Uncharted

It’s been revealed that Nihilistic Software will develop the upcoming Resistance title for PSP2.

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Tommykrem2706d ago

Bend studios is always a safe bet. Great studio.
The only games I remember from Nihilistic is Zombie Apocalypse and Conan, so they better pull themselves together if they're going to make a Resistance game for PSP2 and PlayStation Move Heroes for PS3.
Seriously, those games have a name to live up to.

pain777pas2706d ago

They get the voice actors and they should make a great game. I am not worried about the gameplay side of things. From the looks of Resistance it looks good. Plus they have every thing the need to make a quality FPS.

Tommykrem2706d ago

You'll always need talent. That's what separates Ready at Dawn from High Impact Studios. High Impact is a good studio, but Ready at Dawn is excellent. And one can clearly see the difference on how they've treated PS franchises. I don't know if Nihilistic is as good as High Impact, let alone Ready at Dawn... so it'll be exciting to find out :)

golsilva2706d ago

yeah didnt sony bend make resistance retribution so its kind weird that they are making an uncharted but its fine. since sony listed naughty dog as a dev of psp2 then that might mean they could make a new ip.

Tommykrem2706d ago

I think the thing is that Bend make third person shooters (Resistance: Retribution, Syphonfilter and now Uncharted) and the next Resistance is looking like it'll be first person. This is only a guess, of course.

OhReginald2706d ago

lmao if i can't have a next-gen syphon filter on the ps3...then at least make a next-gen syphon filter on the PSP2 :D

ATiElite2706d ago

Syphon filter 5 or whatever it is, is 2012 along with another God of War or something from Santa Monica (Heavenly Sword 2 I hope)

saint_john_paul_ii2706d ago

Syphon Filter on PSP2 would pretty much fix all the problems that the Syphon Filter PSP version had, like the lack of that analog stick.

OhReginald2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

PSP2's 2nd analog would fix alot of problems a lot of psp games had. Games like MGS:Portable and peace walker, socom, resistance, and many more.

mushroomwig2706d ago

As long as Uncharted PSP still has Nolan North voicing then I couldn't care who makes it.

It's not like ND will let anyone create an awful Uncharted game anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.