TGS07: Devil May Cry 4 trailer

Capcom finally released a new trailer of Devil May Cry 4 showing Dante and Nero in a duel, and you can bet it will be an epic one!

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Duke Nukem3509d ago

where is Vergil? Im confuse with this Nero guy. who is him?

tonsoffun3509d ago

some rumours believe that nero is infact, vergil - when vergil was killed in DMC1, they believe he was reborn as nero. He has no memory of his past but still is part devil - hence the arm.

he was raised by followers of sparda, who believed that they could ressurect him, but dante killed tham all - hence the anymosity between them, well, thats what one of the playstation mags over here surmised anyhoo -I have no idea if this is the proper storyline, or just sopmething they made up.

gunnerforlife3509d ago

finally its taken a bloody long time to release a new trailer, and it looks a lot better then the other trailer i guess the have improed the graphics.

picker3323509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

Can you ask me then why havent Vergil aged...Infact he look's younger then he was in the first one if it is him wish i dont believe.
lol...Oh sry didn't read the hole comment well i ques THEY have
wrong info...Or right...Lol