We’re Ready for the 3DS. But is Nintendo Ready?

Jacob Lopez writes, With Nintendo's recent event in NYC, launch details for the much sought after 3DS have finally arrived. At this point, early adopters and videogame fans interested in Nintendo’s next-generation handheld have had a chance to process all of the information. While the early adopters have undoubtedly pre-ordered Nintendo's new system, the remaining batch have decided on whether or not a purchase of the $250 portable in is their not-so-distant near future. But amidst the level of excitement that is orbiting the snazzy new device, I find myself asking if the ‘wow factor’ of the 3D will last, and just how quickly will the novelty will wear off. Truth be told, I’m still trying to figure out the full benefit of portable gaming in 3D, especially when the asking price is near that of the current-generation of consoles."

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