Rage's 'new vision' showcased in latest trailer

The "2011 trailer" for id Software's Rage has a good mix of vehicular combat and first-person shooting. While not particularly revelatory, it's always nice to have a new excuse to see id Tech 5 in motion, right?

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mistajeff2793d ago

okay, am i crazy or is the EXACT same trailer they showed at quakecon like 2 years ago but with a Bethesda logo instead of an EA logo?

Inside_out2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

Whats old is new again I guess...O_o...lets hope for some fresh new game play at E3...This is old too but actually has alot more game play...can't wait, I really hope this isn't delayed AGAIN...

RyuDrinksTheDew2792d ago (Edited 2792d ago )

ok, cool, im glad its not just me. it is the same trailer.

maybe they touched up the trailer with a newer build?

either way, the game looks fantastic.

Cajun Chicken2792d ago

Yep. That's an Id Software game with it's awesome shootery action. To think I was worried about the fact it may be to similar to Fallout 3 and Borderlands.

Eiffel2792d ago

Can not wait for RAGE, glad to see ID Software back. ID Tech 5 engine is simply amazing.

Sarevok2792d ago

I want Doom 4 more. =/

Eiffel2792d ago

I want both just as bad, I'm more for RAGE right now because it's a new IP and that from ID is monumental.

Thrillhouse2792d ago

I'm pretty sure id have said that Doom 4 will be the flagship title for id Tech 5.

So Rage is just a preview ;D

PandaJenkins2792d ago

Am I the only one who noticed the release date appears to be sooner than expected? :)

WhiteNoise2792d ago

They're crazy Americans.

You have to remember that increasing date measurements is too logical for them.

They use month, then day, then year, so it is still slated for september; which is no earlier than planned.

Hotel_Moscow2792d ago

we say

January twenty eighth 2011

instead of

twenty eighth of November 2011

PandaJenkins2791d ago

no no, as in I recall it being originally said for the November area. The different systems wouldn't matter with as 13 in the date :P

WhiteNoise2791d ago


They always said september.

as for the 13 in the date...yeah it was like 2 am, I didn't think about that

*drops anvil on head*

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