Square Enix TGS 07 screens: TLR, Star Ocean I & II, Tactics A2 and more

Unlike the Square Enix Party 2007, this time we got loaded with media right from the start.

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Staircase3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2!! Best news ive heard in a while! Hopefully the story will be better this time around.

Auron3867d ago

Star Ocean! cant wait!

Nodoze3867d ago

Where is the announcement about the FF7 remake? Perhaps that was all crap, which is a shame.

sleekblackroadster3867d ago

forget about vii already ppl. christ.

they need to make xiii huge and impressive and technologically advanced like vii was when it dropped.

star ocean was booboo imo.

[email protected]3867d ago

The PSP version of Star Ocean are looking great. Too bad that my (old version) PSP sufer and very deep fall from my hand toward the floor and the LCD screen suffer multiples crack. Now, it's time to change it and throw away and buy up the new PSP ^_^ (probably when Core Crisis come just in case IF a bundle comes with a special bundle as Japan receive a few days ago).