GameZone: Breach Review

"Although Breach sounds like an incredibly exciting game on paper, its execution comes up short. The online-only content is very limited, and the action pales in comparison to pretty anything Infinity Ward has ever created. With so many superior alternatives, this kind of lackluster experience has no place in the modern market." - William Haley, GameZone

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simo_82853d ago

5.5 seems like the right rating for this. Not too impressed with it

Johandevries2853d ago

True story. At least it's better than MW2

thereapersson2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

Or am I thinking of another title?


Oh yeah, I was thinking of Brink. Nevermind....

xstation792853d ago

Why everytime their is a new fps, you got retards claiming that its better than call of duty?

TheSanchezDavid2853d ago

I don't play many first-person shooters, but when I do, I expect something that isn't bare-bones like this lackluster title.

athmaus2853d ago

pass on this game as well

jenle332853d ago

Doesn't seem very interesting. I'll stick with CoD

TomFG2852d ago

Looks pretty uninspired. +1 giving it a miss.

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