Sony announces latest PlayStation sales figures

So where do the PlayStation platforms stand? PS2 is sitting pretty at over 120 million units sold. PSP is at a respectable 26 million sold, with 30 million expected to be surpassed shortly.

So where does that leave PS3? According to Kaz, PS3 has sold in between 5 and 6 million units, leaning slightly towards the 5 million end.

Expectations are high for the holidays however - Sony expects to reach 11 million PS3's by the end of the year. We reckon reaching that goal without a price cut will be a challenge and perhaps even miracle.

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DrPirate3930d ago

Possible if Metal Gear miraculously comes out this winter, or Uncharted pulls 10's across the board...

sticky doja3930d ago

Not without a price cut anyway. 11 million is next to impossible without a serious price drop.

Synex3930d ago

Well didn't they confirm a $399 PS3? But ya this is one hell of a goal.

Meus Renaissance3930d ago

Impossible without a price drop.

Omegasyde3930d ago

....that and a holy jar of mayonnaise.

SonyDefenseForce3930d ago

keep'em coming SONY just wait until you have no FanBase to Lie to

nasim3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

which is dead in JAPAN and EU

and would soon be dead in NA too


in reality GBOX 360 couldnt even sell 9 million units

ps3 is already at 5.5m

take that BOTS


ps3 outsells x360 all over EU

in UK x360 is non-existent

DONT trsust VGCHARTS numbers

HMV biggest retailer in UK..............HMV is the biggest BRICK AND MORTAR STORE in UK and accounts for 40% of HW sales


ps3 at no 7...x360 non existent


ps3 at no 8....x360 non existent


ps3 starter pack at no 87...x360 non existent

ps3 at no 43....x360 non existent.

The ONLY WAY u could find x360 in EU is in VGCHARTS sales....excepting that x360 is non existent in EU

HMV is not an online retailer.
HMV is the biggest brick and mortar store in UK and makes up for 40% of total HW sales in UK

@BOT below

HS was no1 on that list at HMV yesterday. HALO 3 will not move any units in you can see x360 HARDWARE is non existent in the top chart and ps3 right up there at no 8

only existing x360 owners are buying HALO 3 in UK (proved)

Twilightx73930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Nasim, are you insane? Where do you get your information from? The only country PS3 is outselling 360 in is Japan. 360 continues to outsell PS3 in both Europe and in North America, and is currently sitting at roughly 11.5 million units worldwide if I'm not mistaken.

PS3 is a great system, but your fanboy nonsense shames Sony fans everywhere.

Edit: Sources actually say 10.9 million, my bad.

I don't think you realize the point being made here. There have been more total 360 sales in Europe than PS3, period. You point out several online retailers to me, when online retail makes up a paltry sum of actual console sales made in the UK. On top of that, all of your sources show me that Halo 3 takes top spots? If that's the case, why would people be buying a game for a system that's "non-existant"? You lose on all fronts.
However, it seems that arguing with you is like arguing with a child, so you hold on to that fantasy reality.

caffman3930d ago

my 360, my daughters 360, my girlfriends 360 and all the 360s on my friends list (a lot who live in the UK) are just all phantoms of my imagination?
Nasim, you really need to stay off the crack pipe as you really are starting to lose it.

BaMYouRDeaD3930d ago

That would be near impossible without a price drop.

DemiseofPandas3930d ago

Ugh these arent lies... the 11 million is the number manufactured... not sold. The information is misleading.

DrPirate3930d ago

Double-U, Tee, Eff mate?

Stop smoking.

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The story is too old to be commented.