Final Fantasy Versus XIII two years later (graphics comparison) — Scrawl

Scrawl: "The new Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer is finally out in high-definition. So how does it compare to the media we saw two years ago?"

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Ahasverus2853d ago

They look worse now.... but heck those first shots were obviously CG (that antialiasing is impossible) and current graphics are a-m-a-z-i-n-g, something we could only dream of years ago in a console

Kamikaze1352853d ago

His lips and her eyes look better now to me.

Ahasverus2853d ago

No way man, his lips were less stretched and brigher and his eyes tinnier. Also,his clothes have no light effects now, his neck less pronounced and shadows in general are different (and less prominent). But I'll repeat it, it looks awesome now, it's pointless to compete with (especially square's) CGI

Dante1122853d ago

The style is much less “anime-ish” and much more realistic which is the vibe I'm getting.

Lionalliance2853d ago

At least his hair is more realistic looking.

Arnagrim2853d ago (Edited 2853d ago )

From the Article:
"Keep in mind: the images from 2011 are ripped from a video. The images from 2009 are official screenshots released by Square Enix. Their quality may differ. Also note: the visuals in the trailer are reportedly before the graphics were given a significant boost."
Which means, the trailer images are of lesser quality"

Also from NovaCrystallis regarding the conference:
"Development staff for each title will also be on hand at the event. Nomura says that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be there, along with the debut of Noctis’s Japanese voice casting, as well as actual game footage. Nomura does note though, that this footage is older, and was cut before the game was given a visual quality boost."
The trailer footage is from an older build of the game and is of lesser visual quality than the current build.

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