Metal Gear Solid For NGP Looks Amazing - Video Proof

Metal Gear Solid for NGP/PSP2 was shown by Hideo Kojima today. And it looks really impressive. Check out the video proof. What do you think?

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SnakeMustDie2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

MGS4 on NGP looked more brown. It is just me or it looked better than the PS3 version.

I_find_it_funny2549d ago

what MGS is this, Im lost, the 3ds one?

SnakeMustDie2549d ago

It is the PS3 MGS4 just ported to the NGP in "a week". It just showcase how flexible the handheld is when porting the PS3 game engines to NGP.

The 3Ds one is the remake of Snake Eater MGS3.

pxpxp2549d ago

3DS = PS2

As simple as that...

-Superman-2549d ago

NGP won...
Amazing grahpic

Archdemon2549d ago

Please escort Nintendo out the back. We have a new king in town.

Baka-akaB2549d ago

well it's not as if nintendo's handhelds ever strived for best graphics .

So still room for both as usual

specialguest2549d ago

Amazing graphics Yes, but this was the same case with the PSP vs DS. So superior graphics doesn't equal win.

visualb2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )


how would the game be sold if released? (I know it wont be)

30 Gb flash drive? =P

looking good.

Christopher2548d ago

Most of that is in movie/audio (most of the latter). With only two speakers, they'll likely downsample the audio to 2.1 which will save a ton of space. It will likely fit on a 16GB SD card when all is said and done.

Christopher2548d ago

Will this finally be the version that has trophy support?

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Master of Unlocking2549d ago

Dammit it looks exactly like the PS3 game!? o_O
How could anyone manage to cram so much power in a handheld, FFS???

fossilfern2549d ago

I know its amazing, though this seems to be just a tech demo id love to have MGS4 on the PSP2 would be amazing :D


But it's a direct port from the PS3 version. So Kojimas only demonstrating how similar the NGP is to the PS3.

Psycho_Mantis2549d ago

Handhelds have really come along way.

RevXM2549d ago

There is no actual gameplay, but it looked awesome allright. :O

Mgs4 ran on about 40% of the ps3 potensial or so they said, the NGP version could look better I guess.


mightyboot2549d ago

Looks amazing for an handheld game.

HungryGoku2549d ago

All i need to see is a NGP Motorstorm.

Undeadwolfy2549d ago

ooohhhh... that would be SO awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.