Gamespot NGP First Look

New handheld to feature OLED touchscreen, 3G, two cameras; slightly smaller than PSP-3000.

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headwing452705d ago

I think they mean "slightly bigger"

Active Reload2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I hope its as "open" as all the smart phones. I mean, why have 3g with no skype?

Edit:@Thanatos, yeah, I understand its not being marketed as a phone. But its kind of funny don't you think, that these phones are basically your pc or laptop in the palm of your hand?!?! These phones even outdo these consoles in a lot of respects. If Sony will allow the NPG to flourish like the smartphones, it will be purchased by me most definitely. I'm not even holding my breath for Nintendo to have the 3DS "open" like these smartphones, but the glassless 3D is a win.

ThanatosDMC2705d ago

Probably because it's not being sold like a phone, but if it doesnt have skype at launch they might do a firmware update to it like the PSP to get skype.

Also, where is the front camera located? I dont see it.

joeorc2705d ago

the "playstation suite"

I think that's why Sony is moving the Playstation Portable platform that way. what your asking about Sony's already moving in that direction.

Active Reload2705d ago

^^^Nah, I should've said "apps" to sum up my whole previous post. I want apps so I can potentially get rid of my iphone aka sell it!

shadow27972705d ago

The current PSP has Skype...

And they've already said the NGP can run PS Suite apps/games. So potentially it'll be able to run actual applications and not just the games.

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DoomeDx2705d ago

NGP: Nintendo Got Pwnd.

Nintendo must be shitting Mario Goombas right now

mushroomwig2705d ago

How many times are people going to be using that joke?

crazyclown2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

uhmmm for next the few years to come thats for sure

quote from experts...

If you're excited by the potential of Sony's Next Generation Portable, you're not alone.

Jesse Divnich, a gaming analyst and vice president at Electronic Entertainment Design and Research, says Sony's upcoming device is a shot over the bow of all its competitors.

"The market is ripe for portable high-end gaming," Divnich told in an article published today. "The NGP will be a serious threat to all forms of portable entertainment."

Shazz2705d ago

the screen looks awesome

Kon2705d ago

Not a big Sony fan, but getting this day 1

Greek God2705d ago

This device is for the Hardcorez

Fatal Blow2705d ago

I want to pre order my one now damn you sony put it up to day for pre order man i can do so much with this little gadget not just for playing games i hope someone can get a mod done to it so i can install apple iso or even windows 7 on it would be great

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