Sony NGP Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted Montage Trailer

Check out brief clips from most of Sony's announced games for their next PSP.

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smoothdude2706d ago

Will there even be a need for consoles in the future?

DoomeDx2706d ago

Who knew crysis would ever be playable on a handheld?
After the NGP, i have no doubts anymore

zootang2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

Day one for me even if it is priced at £399. It will be worth it in the long run just look at the PSP.

thereapersson2706d ago

They weren't lying when they said it would reach PS3-quality graphics output. And I'm loving the interaction between the physical controls and the touchscreen. This will open up a new level of gaming never before seen on a handheld device.

And what's that? Physical buttons & TWO analog sticks! What a concept, folks! I'd love for the staunchest defender of the iPhone's gaming superiority to get a look at this thing in action.

ABizzel12706d ago

WTF man. I can't see it.

Chris3992706d ago

If you read one of Kojima's comments, he makes reference to a game that you play on the NGP THEN bring home to play on your big screen. And not some mini or upscaled PSP game, a real Kojima game.

That is cool. Having all my gaming content and access with me wherever I go.

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ngecenk2706d ago

you know what would be cool, we can use this as ps3 controller. its like the dreamcast when they have the monitor at the controller, but much cooler since its multitouch.

hope sony will figure out this thing.

Spinal2706d ago

World of Warcraft? What has that got to do with this article?

lol j/k

TheGuardianFID2706d ago

SOLD!!! It took me about 2 seconds to decide lol!!! 8)

BattleAxe2706d ago

SWEET! I didn't like Resistance: Retribution or Killzone for PSP, but I have no doubt that the new ones being developed for the NGP will give gamers the kind of experience they get on PS3.............HAPPY DAYS!!

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hay2706d ago

Care to report and provide proof?

CrzyFooL2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )



SnakeMustDie2706d ago (Edited 2706d ago )

I still want my TPS resistance. Not that i'm complaining, the launch lineup of NGP is just as awesome as the lineup of PS3 this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.