Final Fantasy Versus XIII PS3 gameplay screens look phenomenal

GB writes: We have a ton of new high-qualtiy FF Versus XIII gameplay screenshots and they are truly stunning.

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jaidek2879d ago

All I know is this game better be great after the let down of FFXIII. The screens do look promising, just hope the gameplay is more traditional.

vsr2879d ago

A milestone in RPG genre

Only on PS3

x5exotic2879d ago

no it better be something new

Thoreau2879d ago

ffvs13, looking very elite. you can keep the age old traditional turn based gameplay. give me a new and creative battle system.

Valay2879d ago

Of course they look great!

HeavenlySnipes2879d ago

suggest that but think about it. The game would be like 20 gigs. How many SD cards would you need to buy?

Burning_Finger2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

LOL. The highest SD card capacity available today is 64GB. That is more than the Dual layered 50GB Blu-ray disc.

I'm pretty sure Sony would start making higher storage capacity for the PSP2. M2 memory stick looks like an ideal storage for the NGP.

HeavenlySnipes2879d ago

I wasn't aware of that. I thought the max was like 16. Games like this will make people not pirate because imagine trying to download a 20 gig game off the internet lol. (Looking at you ME2 -_-)

Dellis2879d ago

Gameplay is like a DMC game

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The story is too old to be commented.