Sony NGP: Multiple models, 3G not standard and will cost extra

CVG: Sony has clarified that there will be multiple SKUs of its NGP portable (PSP2) - no doubt with multiple price points - and that only one will carry 3G functionality.

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NYC_Gamer2878d ago

wow,things just got expensive.

deadreckoning6662878d ago

And more confusing for the general North American consumer.

We a PSP Phone
AND multiple models of the PSP2.

-Superman-2878d ago

If NGP cost more than 350$, then its FAIL

mrmikew20182878d ago

Well general America don't mind buying a Ipad and they have several different models on the market, so I fail see the point you're trying to make.

LORD-PHOENIX2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

great move

worked for 360 arcade sku

me im getting the 3g version

edit:@holdmedown...dont worry about dead his a known sony hater/bridge loiterer if you catch my can just feel the pain etched on his face firstly all the ps3 exclusives this year now NGP causing shockwaves,its a bad day for him

AssassinHD2878d ago

Who cares about the general consumer? It is painfully easy to obtain information today. If consumers don't bother researching their purchases then to hell with them.

AssassinHD2878d ago

I realize that the general consumer is what supports a company, and that the companies have to care about them, but I still say to hell with anyone who can't be bothered to spend a few minutes researching something they want to buy.

joydestroy2878d ago

sweet. i'll get the wifi one and wifi tether it to my Android device =)

UltimateIdiot9112878d ago

Just like the multiple SKU for the 360, DS, PS3, iPad, iPhones, iPods, etc.

Boy, that really halted the sales on many of those products from confusion.

DatNJDom812878d ago

I will wait for the inevitable psp2go version with 4G. That's the only reasoning for the multiple skus. Continual evolution of the product, just like PSP. I just hope it has hdmi out like pspgo.

BigBoss072878d ago

I want to have the 3G one, but if the subscription cost is to high then it won't really be worth the extra money for the 3G. I don't know, we'll have to see, but just the thought of online gaming on the go makes me forget all logic and reasoning. I'll probably end up buying the 3G model regardless of price lol. :)

Archdemon2878d ago

I'm getting the Wifi version and wait for the 4G version to come out. Might even have better battery life on it too by that time.

FragGen2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

"And more confusing for the general North American consumer"

Most of us have gone to college, I think we can handle the complexity of the PSP line up. LOL.

Biggest2878d ago

What North America are you talking about? I can't speak for Canada, but the US and Mexico aren't blazing up the "People That Went to College" charts right now.

ComboBreaker2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

I can see how an under average person like you can easily get confuse over just 3 things...

...but, for the rest of us average human beings, keeping track of many things is a basic human skill.

Anyway, I'll just get the Wi-Fi version, and tether it to my soon to be bought Android PSP Phone.

TBM2878d ago

hey Dead666 i'm american and im start enough to know the difference between the phone, game system and which models they'll have.

ChrisGTR12878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

yea but the ipad is really just a dumbed down laptop with many functions where as psp is a dedicated gaming device

Kurt Russell2878d ago

What's so confusing? I thought most devices have this option, even the Amazon Kindle thing does. If I end up getting one of these I would save myself a few pennies and get the wifi version, I personally don't need 3G and like to play SP when on the move.

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mrmikew20182878d ago

It sounds similar to an Ipad

DA_SHREDDER2878d ago

does it have a virtual keyboard and a good internet browser? If not then its not gonna do good against tablets.

Raendom2878d ago


Of course it does. It's based around Android.

Nicaragua2878d ago

Its not intended to go against tablets but to a gamer like me who fancies an ipad but cant justify the price then this looks amazing.

stevenhiggster2878d ago

@NYC . Maybe things could have just got cheaper too though. If you want the premium version then yes it will be expensive but it also means there will be a budget version which will be cheaper and if all it lacks is 3g then that'll be the one I'll be getting, we don't even get 3g where I live :-(

NYC_Gamer2878d ago

i wanna know what other features will be different between the units.

clank5432878d ago

I agree. I'm not much of online gamer and just want a good single player campaign. If they can give me one without online for 200 bucks then I'm happy.

littletad2878d ago

Already the first mistake, making multiple sku's of a handheld BEFORE launch.

ComboBreaker2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Right: Giving consumers a choice of whether or not to get a 3G plan.

Mistake: Littletad.
Right: ComboBreaker.

visualb2878d ago


I think the mistake is to only have 1 high priced product.

having lower priced versions will always show which people are more interested in

higher priced version, cut the cheaper ones

prefer the cheaper? bring priced version down in price

littletad2878d ago

That's funny. I never heard any of these "choice" talks when Microsoft introduced multiple sku's for the 360. Combo breaker? Please...

MikeGdaGod2878d ago

i'll just stream 3G from my iPhone4

KiLLUMiNATi_892878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

Looking forward for NGP but if cost more then $400 then there's gonna be some issues with that cause damn, it's better buying the ps3 then. $150-250 would be a perfect price range.

Cupid_Viper_32878d ago

Every Single NGP will be able to play online, whether that is via WiFi or 3G. Comparison to Xbox 360 arcade is not the same thing, As the 360 arcade had no harddrive for games that required installs, which isn't the case for NGP.

So if you're a mostly offline player, you get the cheaper non-3G version, which has WiFi and you can get updates and other stuff when connected. But if you're mostly an online player, then 3G is a no brainer. I don't see what's confusing to people. Everysingle NGP game will play the same accross all of them, so stop it with the FUD. Seriously.

matey2878d ago

Sony have always done that where u can opt 4 a 3G model 4 extra money all that does is set a devide with psp2 gamers at least on 3DS everyone uses wii-fi/BT Street pass/Spot pass ect u need a clear route to go down Sony will end up with 5 models with different specifications ect i think psp2 has poor controls and its not future proof ie 3D it needs that to be future proof HD screens are not going to cut it when every gamer so far that uses a 3DS says it rivals blu-ray in movies and it looks HD in game but with no glasses 3D i think 3DS has the tools to win u get a 3D movie player/3D camera/3D video player coming later/3D Sky/3D Eurosport/the list goes on and on.

house2878d ago

how the hell does 3ds rival blu ray that has to be one of the dumbest comments i have read

and it is future proof in my view theirs no way sony is making a new psp for at least 5 years

and to be honest i rather have a beautiful hd screen then 3d, 3ds seems very gimmicky

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Yeah I think I'll just wait for the NGP Slim and Lite 4000 along with the 3DSi XL

crazyclown2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

wait 2+ years lool

mushroomwig2878d ago

Smart move, I'm not interested in the 3G version so at least that'll save me some money.

Simon_Brezhnev2878d ago

same here i dont care for 3g either

Highlife2878d ago

well if a carrier would subsidize the cost like they do with all cell phones maybe it could be cheaper.

But I don't need 3g or want to be in a contract.

xAlmostPro2878d ago

agreed! im glad its an optional choice pretty sure it will bump up the price a fair bit like it did with the ipad, im not to fussed for 3g either

matey2878d ago

3G cant compare to BT streetpass no way 3G is crap it looses connection all the time u cant beat Wi-Fi made even better by BT as they have the most of the UK wireless ready to connect to ect and 3DS u get 100ft infared 4 spotpass as well as 1 friend code u never have to type assigned to ur 3DS that acts as ur code 4 all games amazing.

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dorron2878d ago

Let's see how expensive it comes to be...

UltimateIdiot9112878d ago

Will it be subsidize with a data plan?

spiceonpsn2878d ago

so wait...i don't quite understand a 3g device without being a phone...does it mean that you will have internet wherever you find a cell signal ? it hing it has a 3g like kindle does but i don't know how 3g works on that device either

AKA2878d ago

it means that you will have to subscribe to a maybe 2years contract for a 3g plan from a 3g provider, verizon, etc. we dont know the providers jet.

joeorc2878d ago (Edited 2878d ago )

an the 3g of the Kindle is free!

if Sony offer's 3g connectivity for Free but the price is higher for the 3G model than that would be why it's higher!

but your connection could be always on! with no monthly bill, want to make a phone call. why bother just use Skype! if you have a 3g connection you would not need a carrier service!


just because there is a 3G connection does not mean it has to be tied to a carrier service!

there are 3G enabled devices that do not have a monthly fee to operate!