Kotaku Hands On With The NGP

"Another techy Sony product with more big promises. We've been here before, right? Not this time, though. If the NGP, or Sony's Next Generation Portable, seems different, it's because the way the portable lets gamers game."

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DA_SHREDDER2705d ago

I still would like to see the thing as close to 720p graphics as possible. It does have android, so the thing is gonna run like a well oiled machine, but still, phones are already doing 720p, and with a quad core processor I would imagine this thing to do at least that. I didn't hear one thing about ps3/NGP cross platform games, or if it has full psn access. I know sony knows what to do in terms of producing powerful hardware, but features wise, I think the touch screen and touch pad are pretty much thrown in there for the sake of having it. I would have rather had L2, and R2 buttons instead. I really dont see what Sony is trying to do with this machine. It certainly isn't a ps3 in your hands at 544p. Cant they just have the machine upscale games to 720p? It doesn't need to be native, just look at the COD series and how well it sells on the 360 runnign at 620p.

mushroomwig2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

How are they supposed to upscale to 720p when the screen reslution is 960*544?

544p is more than enough for a handheld, you wouldn't even notice the difference.

People make me laugh, they complain when a company dares to add something new into the mix (as in the touch pads on the back of the PSP) but they also complain when a company doesn't innovate.

Make up your minds.

zootang2705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

I'd guess he never complained about Alan Wake (540p) resolution?

divideby02705d ago

its easy to complain when you dont know what you are talking about....

spiceonpsn2705d ago

yea... i saw some people complain about the resolution... i mean really it's quadruple the number of pixels on a psp yet still complain about it not being HD ?...Damn most tv sets(in my country) are 768p(for computer use..wierd resolution)@ 81cm and yet some expect a 5 inch screen at 720p?...Yea some people are wishing for things far larger than they could chew (sorry for my bad english)

SuperStrokey11232705d ago

what the hell are you even talkign about?

FinalSpartan2705d ago

so the OS is andriod what happen to the XMB?

whateva2705d ago

right now the highest res phone screen that I have seen is the 960x640 iphone 4 screen and this is the same res besides the aspect ratio is different , I think you are confused with the video recording. if there is a 720P phone I would like to see it

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PrimordialSoupBase2705d ago

Impressive it might be but it's an odd response to a market that's drastically changed since the first PSP.