Playstation Meeting 2011 – No Mention of the Playstation Phone

RipTen: Before the Playstation Meeting today, Sony was expected to possibly make two large announcements concerning the Playstation Phone and the NGP (PSP2).

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sinncross2702d ago

Because its an XPERIA PLAY by Sony Erikson...

It is not a Playstation device so why would the Playstation team announce anything about it?

jaredhart2702d ago

Agreed. It's just a phone with a similar button configuration. Nothing to do with PSP2.

kevco332702d ago

Shocking really. Of course SCE weren't going to talk about a Sony Ericcsson product - they didn't want it stealing their thunder!

Ju2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Oh, please. It IS a playstation device.

Did you guys miss the "Playstation Suite" announcement. The Xperia Play is the first device fully supporting the play station buttons for the "Playstation Suite".

For devices without those buttons they are emulated on the touch. Sony will have it's dedicated Playstation Store within Android and the Xperia Play will be the first which will be fully supporting this.

Those "Playstation Suite" games will be full compatible with the NGP(PSP2).

Spinal2702d ago

Hey Ju!! Stop speaking bout my next phone publicly. Its private :D

lol Cause i dont take public transport at all, i drive everywhere so i cant see myself buying the PSP 2 or 3DS at this point. But the Xperia Play will replace my iPhone 4 for the buttons Alone. I saw them playing Super Mario 3 with the buttons on Engadget, Its total Win Win situation.

silvacrest2702d ago

its like the guys above have selective sight or something

the Xperia Play IS LINKED TO PLAYSTATION, playstation suite ensures that

Ju2702d ago

If I could get out of my Galaxy Contract (just got it in Oct. +3years) I would get this one. But chances are, the PlaystationSuite will be available there, too. But, well, no buttons.

CrzyFooL2702d ago

Yes, it's a Sony phone with Playstation buttons that plays Playstation games - it's totally un-related to the Playstation conference . . . How did I not see your logic sooner!!


Tommykrem2702d ago (Edited 2702d ago )

Because Sony is sure to put resources into developing games for it, and that will have to be either Sony PlayStation or SOE. One of them being more likely than the other. It's borrowing a lot of PS trademarks as well, and Sony is probably making this phone partially for the gaming community, so it's not really that remote that we see the Xperia Play at say... E3.

But it does make sense to keep focus on one new release at a time, so it's not strange that it didn't make an apperance. Perhaps a bit weird though, that it didn't get a mention.

EDIT: Oh, sorry. Didn't see that everybody else has got this as well, so there's not really that much need for my comment. I'll leave it just in case :)

R2D22702d ago

The PS phone is the ugly step child.

Bring on the PSP2.

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saint_john_paul_ii2702d ago

because theres no need to mention it. why? because they are using Playstation Suite for it. thats whats going run on the phone when you Play PS games on it.

the Experia Play is the flagship device for Playstation Suite. a bunch of other "Playstation Certified" phones will follow.

Ju2702d ago

I am not even sure if those will be actual "Playstation Certified" _phones_. Playstation Suite just needs to be available through the market place. The games within Playstation Suite will be "Playstation Certified". It requires Android 2.3. It is most likely, that is what actually makes Android compatible with (the) "Playstation Suite".

Drjft2702d ago

The Sony conference really suck up on me - didn't even think about this.

Burning_Finger2702d ago



Ju2702d ago

Also, different market. This should - and will - be revealed at a phone specific marketing event.

silvacrest2702d ago

AKA the mobile world conference which is less then a month away :)

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