Tecmo Koei Europe Issue NGP Statement

Following the media storm that has been this morning’s Next-Generation Portable (NGP) announcement, Tecmo Koei Europe has issues a statement on behalf of Tecmo Koei Games regarding development for the system. It’s currently expected that the company would bring some of their biggest franchises to the system – the original PlayStation Portable (PSP) system was treated to an exclusive version of Dynasty Warriors at launch – though exactly what is planned at present has not yet been announced.

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jaredhart2854d ago

Course it's going to get a Dynasty Warrior game.

blumatt2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

This looks good, but as long as it gets that CoD game like has been announced, people will buy the PSP2, and lots of people. Even 360 folk will buy a PSP2 just to play CoD online on the go! I just hope they keep the price at $300 or less in some form or fashion. Maybe 3G version $350 and Wifi version at $300. Would be a decent price point, but really the price needs to be around $250 Wifi/ $300 3G. That would compete better against the 3DS. I think Sony has learned its lesson with initial price points on their hardware with the PS3 this generation. Blumatt Out!! PSP2, can't wait.

stevenhiggster2854d ago

I agree with you, if it gets the right software then it will sell. Especially if it gets COD lol.

gtsentry2854d ago

i was thinking the wifi version be around $200-$230,wile the 3g enabled one will be around $250-$270
since sony said there going to try and keep it affordable

blumatt2854d ago

I know one thing that track pad, touch screen, and motion controls are all going to make for some cool new ways to play portable games

Warprincess1162854d ago

I don't want dynasty warriors. I want dead or alive dimensions.

Burning_Finger2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Ninja Gaiden would be so much better now that there's a dual analog stick.

slyrunner2854d ago

Lol every system gets this game. I'm quite tired of them to be honest, there's more games than episodes of dragon ball z lol

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