IGN NGP Impressions

We play the NGP here in Tokyo. It's sexy.

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Shanks2730d ago

"I rarely call a device "sexy," as I prefer using the term when discussing actual people, but I will admit that the NGP is sexy. It's comfortable to hold, it supports an incredible array of control schemes, and the user interface demonstrations left me speechless. This is the kind of device that does not disappoint, and I'm already tempted to put down money on a preorder."

Sounds promising.

Keith Olbermann2730d ago

I want to own this..Im just worried about the price. Will make the difference between me starting to save now or later.

SnakeMustDie2730d ago

Indeed, the price will determine NGP's success. If it costs more than 325, it will have a hard time competing with 3DS

zootang2730d ago


Just start putting your money away now and you will have saved enough for one I'm sure.

Joni-Ice2730d ago

I be honest Im more worried about when its coming out. I want this now but I got the feeling it wont be until late 2011. Its only January now.

sinncross2730d ago

Sounds good!

Seriously, Sony must allow more media codecs (like avi/ MKV), a better net browser, and full PSN access, and the NGP will truly be a winner

SuperKing2730d ago

Online functionality will decide this handhelds fate. Do not disappoint Sony.

Burning_Finger2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I'm pretty sure it would be pretty awesome since Sony decided to put all somewhat current connectivity out there. Wireless N+ Bluetooth 2.1 and 3G = HOLY F***ing S**T. :)

Omega Archetype2730d ago

Well, it's already got PSN Friend and Trophy support. I'm assuming that the online aspect will mirror the PS3 online system.

We can hope anyways!

offdawall2730d ago

this thing has call of duty in us and europ ..... and monster hunter in japan talk about system sellers

DA_SHREDDER2730d ago (Edited 2730d ago )

I aint even worried about the price. I wanna know about its features. Does it have full psn access? I would love to do video chat with my friends on this thing while they were on their ps3's. Also, if COD is coming, how am I gonna throw grenades? Is this thing gonna beable to bring cross game chat? Is the UI gonna change on the ps3 because of this? How bout 3-D? Wifi hotspot?

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