Top 5 Horror Games to be ported on the NGP

Rely on Horror: "While keeping track of the Sony Tokyo Conference, we can’t help but notice a lot of ports being showed off in Sony’s next-gen device, the Next Generation Portable aka NGP. Although we're hoping to see a LOT of new exclusive, we couldn’t help but think of the possible horror game ports and oh boy, the possibilities are exciting."

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StbI9902826d ago

Yeah, the possibilites are too wide open, now sht d fck up and dont make me more hyped up lol, lost 2 bubble in one night...guess it was worth it, wasn't that hype since the ps3.

Cloudberry2826d ago

Using the front & rear camera of NGP, the spirits / ghosts would be in augment reality.

In your room, house, office, even bathroom.

ComboBreaker2826d ago

Fatal Frame is perfect for NGP.

lil Titan2826d ago

i know that they will maybe port the Dead Space game thats on the iPhone now with extra features

malandra2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

first, Heavy Rain is not a horror game

second, there wasn't a single port shown at the conference, all the games were either new iterations developed just for the NGP (uncharted, resistance, killzone) or tech demos that will not be released to teh public (metal gear 4 and lost planet)

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OhReginald2826d ago

great now I can play horror games on the toilet. The way they are meant to be played XD

Stealth20k2826d ago

what about original content? enough witt he ports

BlackIceJoe2826d ago

I would enjoy a new Fatal Frame. I also think bringing Siren to the PSP2 would be great too.

jonboi242826d ago

Fatal Frame using the actual hardware camera would be something interesting, maybe an augmented reality Fatal Frame. Please give me Parasite Eve on NGP, Aya Brea deserves to be ogled on a OLED screen. Imagine using those touch screens to pinch, touch, drag, trace, and pull her body in many ways. Get the original team behind Silent Hill back to make a proper game.

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