Sony NGP price - Analyst predictions

Industry watchers give their PSP2 cost forecasts

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DeeZee2880d ago

I'm thinking $299, but honestly I'm ready to just hand over a blank check to Sony lol!

deadreckoning6662880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I think it's going to be priced at $250 at the very least.

With that money I could buy:

Uncharted 3
Mortal Kombat
Yakuza 4
Batman: Arkham City
and Infamous 2

I'd rather play new games than rehashes of old ones. I wish Sony luck with this great little device though. It's going to be hard for the average American consumer to justify spending possibly $300 on this when they can just buy a PS3 that doubles as a Blu-Ray Player and already has a large exclusive library of games.

When making predictions about buying habits, u have to think about what the MAJORITY would do and not what you would do personally. How many people do you believe will want to carry around a bulky device that has "PS3 graphics"...when they can just buy a PS3(which is also a Blu-Ray player) for the SAME price or just $50 more?

Sony MUST price this at $200 if they want to get the casuals on board. They learned their lesson by pricing the PSP Go at $250(just $50 shy of the PS3)

"Hardcore Nintendo fans aren't afraid of 250, why should I be.

No, Nintendo has the luxury of pricing the 3DS at $250 because the DS brand has mass appeal. The DS is the best selling portable console ever and the Nintendo name has a broad market appeal since it not only has the best selling portable console...but the best selling next-gen console as well(the Wii)

Plus, given the 3D craze, the fact that the 3DS has glasses free 3D technology will justfify the $250 purchase for mainstream consumers.

Also, keep in mind that the PSP2 will come out in November...AFTER many mainstream consumers have spent their money on a 3DS, Iphone 4 etc.

The NGP is the most technologically advanced portable gaming device I've ever seen...but that doesn't automatically mean its going to be a hit with the masses.

DeeZee2880d ago

Yeah, my only fear is that they'll go port crazy haha

zootang2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )


Yet you don't complain about the 3DS ports?

Dead we all know you have something against Sony give it up!

You go with the flow, like DEAD fish. I'll still be buying it!

egidem2880d ago

the NGP is one beast of a device. That is seriously lots of power right in your pocket. This is Sony's first line, so production costs might no doubt be high. Don't be surprised if they price it around $300 or above.

Adva2880d ago

Here comes the troll, downplaying everything Sony.

thugbob2880d ago

Although you hate Sony, you actually made very good points.

ComboBreaker2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Even idiots can say something right once in a while.

I mean, at $250, Sony would own.

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B-Real2062880d ago

I'm also in the 299 boat, I really don't think they can price it above their home console......anything higher then that and your off to another slow start. At 250 I would dive right in.....Hardcore Nintendo fans aren't afraid of 250, why should I be.

That said I'll pre-order if it comes in at 299 anything more and I'll wait for the drop....sadly

lil Titan2880d ago

its gonna be worth every penny whatever the cost

LoVeRSaMa2879d ago

Thats exactly what I said on my facebook (about writing a blank cheque)

Lol :D

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StbI9902880d ago

But then again - it's Pachter suggests £200...

CVG should rename this 'PSP2 WON'T be £200 because Pachter thinks it will be £200'""


Stealth20k2880d ago

its going to be at least 300

offdawall2880d ago

i will drop 300 on this in a heart beat

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